Thursday, June 20, 2013

Story Time

To me, summer is a time for stories.

Tuesday I brought you a post about something that happened in my life a long time ago, a sort of story you might say.

 And it struck me, as I was thinking about this thing called passion and wondering how it fits into writing, stories are the perfect outlet. I love stories don’t you? Especially the ones that touch in some way.
So starting next week I will be bringing you my stories. 

Stories that are fun and maybe some that are not so fun.  Some will encourage you, some will inspire you, and some will hopefully teach you just a few things I’ve learned along the way.  Stories that I hope will make you think and consider what your Heavenly Father is doing in your life right now. I can’t promise they will all be the type you are going to want to tell again and again around a campfire, but I will promise this…..they will show you how an ordinary life can reflect the work of an Amazing God. How you can think something has no significance at all, until you look a little closer and see.

I hope that you will stop by to read my stories and share your stories with me as well.


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