Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Joy in Dreaming

This week in our pursuit of our God-Sized Dream we are to:
Write a blog post that shares what brings you joy, especially when it comes to your God-sized dream?

Thinking about things that bring me joy is easy. Thinking about things related to my God-Sized Dream that bring me joy? Not as easy.

I chose to pursue obedience to God as my God-Sized Dream. We all know how much fun obedience is, right? Just as a child. Doing what your told isn't fun. I've got a teenage daughter who can give you a whole day's worth of argument on why doing what your told stinks. And really, there is much in her argument that I agreement.
No one likes to feel like we are being led along, under the thumb of somone bigger than us.
But I don't think that is an accurate definition of obedience.

Just because we are being given direction, and told to follow doesn't mean we are any less. Obedience isn't about control of another person. It's about guideance. It's about showing someone the good path.

When you look at obedience that way, I guess there good be joy in it.

So what has brought me joy about being obedient to God?
Well, since taking on this goal, I've have seen God move in my life in ways I almost never thought he could.
I have had more time to write in the last few months than before. Not that I didn't write before. At one time I was posting on this blog 5 days a week. I was just squeezing in the time to write and rushing through it. Now it seems I have the time need to put real effort into what I am writing. I have written several devotions for our church's women's ministry. And I am constantly getting new ideas for more. Something that was few and far between even when before.
It's difficult to describe what it feels like when I sit at my computer and type words for these blog posts, or a devotion, or (gulp!) a fictional story. Sometimes when I stop typing I look at what I wrote and think "where did that come from?"
And while I am in the middle of it, it is like my mind goes to someplace else and fingers just follow along.
It really does make be happy.
Oh, and that moment when my fingers hover just above the keys, and I'm arranging the words in my head and I know...just know that what is about to flow from my fingers is going to be bathed in the spirit of God......it's .....powerful for me. It's amazing (I don't use that word often). My heart flutters like a teenager looking at her first crush. To surrender to that is so freeing.
I don't have to worry where it is leading, I just have to follow and everything falls into place

It's pure.....joy.

Obedience = Joy.....who knew? 


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  1. Ha ha! I think the same thing very often when I read over what I write: I wrote that? Wow.
    Being obedient is hard, but it certainly produces great fruit, doesn't it?
    My word last year was follow. Tough, but was really a learning experience. :-)