Tuesday, March 26, 2013

God Sized Dream Schedule

God-Sized Buttonthis week in our pursuit of God Sized Dreams we are supposed to give you readers a glimpse at what my typical day looks like. And can we see God in the midst of our day?

One typical day? First of all each day in my house is different there's no typical, which I guess in itself is kind of typical. I would imagine just about everyone has different stuff going on each day of the week.

Here is the lowdown. I work part time at my kid's school in the library. I am off on Monday and Tuesday. My week/days go something like this.

Monday: Husband is off, so as long as there are no snow days, sick kids, or it's not Accelerated Reader Reward Day, (more about that later), then we spend the day together. Which means, I don't do anything around the house, but I do get to catch up on blog reading and facebook.

Tuesday: I am home alone. After getting the kids off to school, I check email, facebook, blogs, and keep my blood sugar in check by having snacks periodically. I spend time writing at the counter in my kitchen and my coffee goes cold at least three times which requires microwaving. If I'm really on top of things, I don't forget to take the coffee out of the microwave, if not, my son finds my mug in the microwave at 9:00 at night when he's softening up the ice cream for his snack.
 I load the dishwasher, unload the dishwasher, load the dishwasher again. I do laundry and any other housework I need to catch up on. Which takes awhile sometimes, because I get distracted. "Oh, look at that counter it's covered in crumbs, oops, I left the creamer out, wow I've got to clean out the fridge, hmmm, trash needs to be emptied, what are all these shoes doing here by the door?, doesn't anyone see the pile of stuff on the stairs that has to go up?, I should really check the dryer, oops left the clothes in the washer too long and now they smell gotta re run it..........and so on and so on and so on........lol
Once everything I want to accomplish is done, I will turn on the TV and try to catch a little CSI, while crocheting items for our ministry group.

The rest of the week is a blur, of getting up early for work. Running library classtime with kindergarten through 5th grade students by reading books to them, checking out books to them, recommending books to them, collecting books from them and keeping up with the Accelerated Reader Program. We give rewards at the end of each marking period for students who meet their goal. I plan the rewards.  I also plan about two weeks out what I am going to do with during classtime them so I have printing to do and lesson planning. In the middle of that I have to make sure I eat to keep my blood sugar up. Then it's home for homework, and dinner, and packing lunches for the next day the kids and mine, keeping track of what each of them are doing with activities, cleaning up and hopefully getting to bed by 9. A little Bible reading and devotions, then fiction reading, either for myself, or for classtime, maybe some Dancing With the Stars, or House Hunters, maybe a little alone time with hubby, then it's off to sleep till 6:00 am when I start all over again.

Then of course there's Facebook checking, and email checking and pinterest checking that I sneak in between all of this stuff throughout the day. I really need to get a handle on that kind of thing. So glad I don't have a smartphone.

This probably isn't all of it, but it should give you an idea. I've probably forgotten something, which I will remember eventually.
I'm sure someone out there has it much worse than me of course. 
The good news is, God gives each of us what we can handle, and this is right at the limit for me. No matter what my day looks like I know He is the author and finisher of my life and everthing that I am doing I am doing for Him, and because of Him.  I see Him in everything, big and small. From the one day a week I get with my husband alone, to the ability to work in a job I love, to using my hands to minister to others, and giving me time to write.
He's always there, right in the middle of the typical chaos that is everyday life.

Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you find Him in the midst of your typical chaos today!


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  1. I love this post, Josey! I was a library volunteer too and I remember those AR points and tests! (I'm happy to have completed that part of my life)

    Cold coffee in the microwave -- right there with ya.
    Rerunning clothes -- yep.
    Sneaking peeks at emails and Facebook -- guilty.

    But you're right -- He is there, in the middle of the chaos. He is GOOD :)
    Happy Easter!