Tuesday, March 5, 2013

God Sized Dream Letter

Holley Gerth's new book about God Sized Dreams is out. You can find out more at www.holleygerth.com  and you can purchase the book here: http://www.amazon.com/Youre-Made-God-Sized-Dream-Opening/dp/080072061X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1362510986&sr=8-1&keywords=holley+gerth

This week's step in the God Sized Dream challenge was:
write a post entitled “A Letter to the God-sized Dreamers” telling your sisters why what they’re doing and who they’re becoming through this process is worth it–even on the hard days.

Dear God Sized Dreamer,

It's ok you know.
To dream that dream you have.
You are allowed to dream. You are allowed to want to do something BIG. To dare to attempt something you have never attemped before.
Even if you feel inadequate, or unqualified.
It's ok.
You don't have to be afraid. You don't have to worry what others will think.
You can set aside the time you need to work towards your dream. Even if there are dishes in the sink, the floor hasn't been swept, or the kids eat sandwhiches for dinner while you are exploring your dream.
It's ok.
When it seems you can't take another step towards your dream. The difficulties are too much, the fear too sufforcating. The balancing of it all, just....too.....much.....
The enormity of it all.....

It's ok.

And do you know why?

Because that dream you are dreaming, that thing you want to do that seems impossible on the best of days, and unfathomable on the worst......
The dream that you hide deep down in your heart and are afraid to tell anyone about......
That thought that just won't go away and keeps floating into your mind at the oddest of times and nags at your heart over and over again......

It was put there by God.
And anything that is put in place by God cannot be stopped, cannot be hindered, cannot be pushed aside.
It won't ever go away.
Even if it never goes anywhere but between you and God, you must give it life. You must let it out to see the light of day.
To do anything other than that, would be a waste of a blessing from God. Nothing we do for our creator is ever wasted. No matter what it is.

So you, there...the dreamer.....
Don't stop, don't burying your dream, don't let what God has placed in you go to waste.
Even when it is hard.
Even when you don't think you should.
Even when you others tell you not to.
It's ok.
Do it anyway.



  1. I love this, Josey...it's just beautiful. Thank you!

    Up until recently, I had always felt almost as if I didn't have permission to dream because there were too many other responsibilities I needed to give my time, too. This community of dreaming sisters and friends has been such an encouragement and blessing in reminding me that dreams are a good thing, and that He wants us pursue them! Blessings to you!

    1. that has been my struggle also, which I think is why this letter came out the way it did.

  2. "You are allowed to dream. You are allowed to want to do something BIG." Thank you for the whole letter but especially for this one sentence. I have know it was okay to dream certain dream but never felt I could be one to dream BIG.

  3. "Even if it never goes anywhere but between you and God, you must give it life." Yes!

  4. Hi Josey,

    Thank you for sharing this. I think many times, I worry too much what people will think. God bless you as you follow your dreams. ;) Love, Hester;)

    1. You and me both, Hester.
      This letter is not just for others out there, it is for myself to.