Tuesday, January 22, 2013

God Sized Dream-Calling My Peeps

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This week our step toward our God-Sized dream involved doing something that many of us women find difficult to do.

Here it is:  find a God-sized dreams buddy in your everyday life or online. Share your God-sized dream with that person and ask for their encouragement and prayers on your journey. Write a post on your blog about who you chose and why”
When I first read this I immediately thought “oh, no problem”. But then the reality of that statement hit me. And I began to feel nervous and even afraid to share what is in my heart to someone, anyone. Why is it so hard for women to ask for help? Even as I consider what I want to say in the post while I’m waiting at the hospital for a second round of mammograms all alone, I just don’t have an answer. However, I am committed to following along with Holley’s God-Size Dream challenge for 2013 so I knew I had to pick somebody to confide in.

Then came another issue. Who do I chose? This is difficult. Not because I don’t have friends who are trustworthy, or would do this for me. No, that isn’t the issue at all. For me the issue was just choosing one. I have been blessed with wonderful women friends who are willing to come alongside me no matter what I ask of them.

There are 4 particular women who I have nicknamed my “peeps” for the last few years. We have stayed friends through job changes, moving, sickness and health. They are my go-to girls. They are so incredibly special to me that I am unable to put it into words. But I will try.

Here they are “my peeps” (in no particular order.)  
Jacquie-She is the most calming, steady person I know. The kind of person who takes things in and gently turns them around in her mind until she can make sense of it before she speaks. I don’t think I have ever seen her “fly off the handle” over anything. For a hothead like myself she is the perfect balance. I can text, call or email her anytime and she will respond, even if she is working. No matter what I am dealing with she always has the right words.

Heidi-This woman is the strongest woman I know. Although she would probably argue with me about that. It is what I know to be true of her. She is able to handle so much more than I ever could. She is the strong to my weak. If you need someone at your back, Heidi is your girl. She is also very smart. I consider her better than any internet source when it comes to knowledge.

Holly-Just typing her name makes me smile. We have shared so many laughs together (not that I haven’t laughed with the others) But the silliness that Holly brings out even in the toughest situation is a gift. I couldn’t have gotten through the two years I went back to work full time without her.  She is always ready with a joke or something funny to say. I can sometimes have a “glass is half empty attitude” Holly is the optimist to my pessimist.

Lorraine-Our friendship started with a divine nudge from God and I am so glad I listened. She was the prayer worker I spoke to in church and she affirmed my salvation. She is my travel partner. She is my sound system partner. She encompasses everything I have said above into one person. Smart, funny, (oh the stories), compassionate, slow to anger, always positive, strong…..a woman after God’s own heart.

I have asked each of these women to come along side me as I strive to be obedient to God in 2013.  I have chosen obedience as my dream because I believe everything centers on that one thing. No matter what I dream of doing with my life, without obedience to God, it for nothing.  

There is no way I could have just chosen one of them. Each of them is uniquely part of my life and part of this journey with me. Thank you, all four of you, for being my friends. What I have said here in just these brief sentences doesn't even begin to say how I feel about each of you.



  1. Beautiful words. What wonderful gifts from God - both your words and our friendship. May God bless you on your journey to live a more obedient life to Him.