Saturday, September 1, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon

 Last night, there was a full moon.  Normally that is not unusual. We have a full moon at the end of every month. But this month was special because we already had a full moon on the 1st of the month. Due to a rare occurrence in our calendar this year we also had a second full moon on the last day of the month.
They call it a Blue Moon.

It happens about once every 2.5 years, according to the NASA website. I know this because I looked it up. You see, when I heard about this I decided to try to use it as a mini lesson in the library with my classes. I pulled out all the books we had on the moon and displayed them. I chose moon books to read to each class.  I gave them moon worksheets.  We talked about the recent passing of Neil Armstrong (strickly coincedance).
Two full moons in the same month doesn’t happen all the time and I told them they should take notice of all that God created for us to enjoy. This month was special.
Little did I know that the lesson was for me to.

A month ago I entered a non-fiction writing contest associated with the Re-Write Conference.  I didn’t know anything about the conference. The link for the contest was emailed to me in a monthly newsletter that I signed up for with MaryDeMuth.  All I had to do was copy and paste information from the book proposal I did last summer into their template.  I sent it off in time for the deadline and didn’t give it another thought. Because really, why would I be chosen?
I knew the finalists would be posted sometime this weekend and I struggled with wanting to check to see if my name was there.

It turns out I didn’t need to check the list, I got a call. One of the biggest agents in the writing industry left me a message.
For a few minutes I was literally speechless. And anyone who knows me, knows that’s impossible. I always have something to say. I listened to the message twice just to make sure I hadn’t dreamed it.

So now I’m trying to process all that was said in the brief conversation I had with her.
Things like “you’re a good writer”

and “I can see this is your passion”
and “you need to make arrangements to get to the Re-Write Conference”

and the best one of all---“I want to talk to you about your book”
It leaves me shaking my head in shock.

Esther Fedorkevich




to me.

An ordinary woman, wife and mother with a name no one can pronounce, living a normal life.  A woman who never thought she was capable of doing anything special.
She doubts her abilities even in the smallest of things because she makes a mess of things so often. 

Who fell into a job as a librarian with no qualifications, experience or education.   Afraid every day that someone will come in with an accusing finger pointed at her and call her a fraud.
I’ve played around with this writing thing for about 5 years now. Never once calling myself a writer…..but she did.

For the last two years I’ve gotten serious, as serious as I could given my limitations, about getting published.--only to become discouraged.
I was ready to give up. I thought “maybe I’m going in the wrong direction. Maybe I should just focus on what God has given me right now instead of wishing, hoping and dreaming for something that may never be. Who am I to want something so impossible?”

Then an odd, rare, almost impossible thing happened…….a second full moon.

And suddenly everything has changed…..because once in a while…..once in a Blue Moon, God makes things happen….beautiful things planned just for us….. amazing things we would never expect or imagine or even think we deserve.


  1. So very exciting, and inspiring! I'm thrilled for you and can't wait to see how God continues to use your gift of writing!

  2. LOVE this, Josey, and I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to hear what happens, and I hope you keep fanning that flame within you!