Monday, November 7, 2011

I had planned to be back to my regular blog scheduled today.
However, it seems I've come to a crossroads with my writing.

A few months ago, some things changed. Not only did I return to homeschooling our son, but I also started working a part time job. Normally a part time job wouldn't be a real issue with me, I've worked before.
This job is different though. Because this job, is not a job that I like and it is a difficult job physically.
I don't want to dwell too much on this job issue because I feel like it is constantly on my mind.
So anyway, things have changed and since the beginning of these changes, I have sensed God nudging me to let some things go.
As much as I have prayed and listened for God's direction on this, it is still coming back to the possibility of giving up some of my writing.
Namely, this blog.
In order to maintain this blog in a way that it needs, I would have to be devoting much more time to it then I am. I just don't seem to have the time that I need or would like.
Quite honestly, I feel like right now I need to be focusing on my son and his education, my commitment to the Hand Stitching 4 Jesus ministry, and my home and family. (I can't even begin to tell you how dusty things are around here)

Now, I haven't made any definate decisions as of yet. I plan to take some time to pray and really listen for God's guideance. But I must admit it is very sad to think of not doing this anymore.
It hurts more than you know to think that God is asking me to give up this part of my writing. The idea that I may have been wasting my time and money pursuing writing is difficult for me to accept. I truly don't understand it and I am struggling desparately with this.

I appreciate every one of you who read this blog and have encouraged me in this endeaver.
I will let you know here and via facebook what I decide to do.


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  1. Dear Josey,

    I hear the conflict, and I appreciate your commitment to the things that are important to you. Of course your family is your priority, particularly your son's education. Good for you for recognizing the early signs of burnout!

    But I enjoy reading your blog, and I pray the Lord will allow you to keep this outlet. Maybe you could post once a week? Maybe not following a particular schedule, but sharing what the Lord is teaching you during this time in your life?

    Praying with you about this!
    Love, Susan