Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 31
The End

We've come to the end of our 31 Days to a Thankful Heart Series.
Needless to say it has been one incredible, amazing, thought provoking, revealing, heart wrenching at times, journey.

I'm glad you came along. I didn't really think I could do it. Posting everyday for 31 days? Although I did have one day last week when my post went up extremely late. And of course this post should have been up yesterday, but still all in all, not bad for my first time posting this much.

I'm also glad you didn't run away screaming when things got a little dark for me here. I was as honest as I have ever been in my writing. I think it was all part of this process.  This process of fleshing out what thankfulness really means in my life and how I can live it out more fully.

For me it comes down to simply taking notice, being there in the moment instead of looking ahead to the next thing, and allowing myself to really feel what is happening to me.
Three things that can be exremely difficult. But well worth it.

My hope has and will continue to be that you find God in the everyday. That you take notice of what he is doing around you all the time. That you see the amazing in the ordinary. Letting go of your fears, as I have had to, and open your heart to all that God has for you.

I think if we master that, then the thankfulness is bound to follow.

That is what I learned during these 31 days and I hope you did to.

And what of my gratitude list?

Well, I intend to continue, not just with one gift per day either. I intend to write down anything and everything that I see, hear, and feel that makes me take notice of God in my life. My cute little Target notebook now has ten items in it and my hope is that it will be filled before long. By the time I got to the end of those ten things, I was itching to add more things. I am already easily taking notice of more and more of the miracles God has for us daily.Because they are truly miracles. Miracles are not just improbable accomplishments that draw attention. Miracles are in the everyday all around us.

We only have to take notice.

And when we notice the miracle, we can be thankful.
When we are thanking.....our lives become full.
Full of all God intended. Full of all we want and need even if we spend most of our time not really knowing what we want or need.
Fortunately for us God knows. He knows what we need and gives it all freely every day.

We only have to see and accept.

--Thank you so much for following along on this 31 Day journey. I will be taking a blogging break for the rest of this week.



  1. 31 consecutive posts is very impressive, but even better than that is the way God has spoken to you in the past month. Thanks for sharing that wisdom with us :)

  2. Thanks Susan! I didn't think I could do it. It truly was a work of God.

  3. Well you did it!!!! I knew you could, and it was very good and honest. Have to talk to you soon! Missing you!