Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 10
Thanksgiving Defined gives this as the definition of thanksgiving: The act of giving thanks, and expression of thanks to God, a public act of religious observance or a celebration in acknowledgement of divine favors.

This definition doesn’t surprise me. I didn’t look up the word because I didn’t know what it meant. I looked up the word because I was wondering what it would say. I wanted to see what type of words were used to describe thanksgiving. I was looking for inspiration.

And I found it in the last four words—acknowledgement of divine favors

Divine favors. Just typing the words brings a feeling of something bigger than me. It helps me understand the greatness of the gifts that God gives daily.

Let’s break it down a little further shall we?

Divine- as an adjective- meaning “of supreme excellence or worth

Favor-as a noun-meaning  something done or granted out of goodwill, rather than from justice or for remuneration; a kind act:  friendly or well-disposed regard; goodwill: the state of being approved or held in regard: excessive kindness or unfair partiality; preferential treatment: a gift bestowed as a token of goodwill, kind regard, love,

Divine Favors –an incredible gift given out of love, kindness or friendship

Or in other words, all that we’ve been given.

Because all that we have is from God and he gives freely without requiring anything in return. He gives lovingly with only our best interests in mind. He gives daily without ever having an attitude of enough.

Our only appropriate response?


We acknowledge people all the time for giving gifts.  Why should we do anything different with God.

God, who gives us the very breath in our lungs.

God, who created something out of nothing.

God, who watched as part of himself bled and died on our behalf.

Only an immense Thank You, a true heart of gratitude, a life overflowing with acknowledgment to God, is appropriate for such Divine Favors.

 From my journal and Jesus Calling devotional: March 20th- Psalm 50:14 Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving and pay your vows to the most high.

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