Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I'm Up to Wednesday

Outside my window..........sunshine, lots and lots of sunshine
I am wearing........right now? my pajamas
I am hearing.......nothing, completely silent in the house right now only the sound of my fingers on the keyboard
I am thinking.....that I've wasted much of the morning already, I'm also thinking about things going on later today, what I'll have for breakfast/lunch, and if there is anything I need to do around here
I am reading.....a book called Unstuffed published by Tyndale. I will have to post a review when I finish here and on other book sites, but I get books for free that way
I am substitute in the library later for the summer hours, then to church for my Hands Stitching 4 Jesus group
I am hoping......dare I say it? That I don't get a rejection letter from the publisher that took my book proposal at the conference.
I am thankful for.......God's provision even thought I don't always agree with it
I am creating......more devotions for you guys here to read, some crocheted items to donate, menu plans for the family
From the learning rooms.......looking at curiculum for Michael since we've decided to homeschool again this year
From the kitchen.......leftovers tonight, haven't thought much further than that, witht the kids being away, don't really have to plan much, just take something out and cook it
Plans for the rest of the tonight, work tomorrow night, work Friday night, work Saturday night, yes I have a job now. I am deli worker at Walmart. Last night was my first shift and it wasn't bad. I'll admit it is not my dream job and I'm still confused as to why out of all the places I applied to work, this was the only place that would hire me. I still don't understand why I'm working in the deli instead of the book department, but God doesn't always explain things.
On my mind......Why am I working in the deli instead of at Barnes n Noble? I know that sounds selfish and ungrateful, but don't we all get a little ungrateful sometimes?
Will I have to give up the opportunity to work in the library because I am homeschooling Michael? I really want that job, but I'm starting to wonder if it is was God wants for me. And I don't understand that. Why wouldn't he want me to work in the library?  I know homeschooling him is the right thing to do now I have no doubt about that. And yet, I know it could cause me to not have something else I want and it just makes me wonder.
Am I going to have to make that sacrifice? And can I really make the sacrifice of giving up something I want, to follow God's direction right now without harboring anger and bitterness in my heart about it?

Pondering these words..........."Bloom where you are planted"
I'm not sure where that saying comes from but a friend said it to me when I vented to her about my unhappiness right now, so I'm trying to focus on that.

Thanks for stopping by today. If you don't get these posts by email, please check back often because I'm going to be posting regularly and I will be making some changes around here.  You don't want to miss out.

Question for you: Has God ever asked you to "Bloom where you are planted" and it wasn't where you wanted to be?


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