Thursday, August 18, 2011

Something to Think About-Book Review

Today, I have a book review for you to think about.
The book is called "Unstuff" and it is written by Hayley and Michael DeMarco. 

Initially when I first started reading this book, I was a little discouraged. In the beginning of the book the DiMarco's talk about how they moved into an RV for three months and had to live on only "the essentials". I have to admit it made me a little frustrated because I personally live on a very tight budget do not often get to purchase the luxaries that the DiMarco's already had. My family and I already live on "the essentials". So the beginning of the book was a little hard for me to read. I actually put it down for a few days.
But since I had signed up with Tyndale Bloggers to read books and write reviews about them, I knew I had to finish it. So I did. I was pleasantly surprised that the rest of the book was very helpful. The DiMarco's not only talked about reducing the "stuff" in their lives, meaning things that clutter our closets, but they also talk about the other things in life that can get in the way ouf our relationship with God. Things I never thought of as being "stuff". For example: Wallet Stuff which deals with spending of course; Mind Stuff, which deals with what we think and feel; Body Stuff, health issues and eating habits (especially liked this chapter); Love Stuff, dealing with relationships; Worship Stuff, our spiritual life; Future Stuff, which gives helpful advice on how to continue to live unstuffed.
By the time I finished the book I was glad that I read it. I began underlining things I wanted to remember. It will probably be one of those books that I will refer back to from time and time.

It is an easy to read book, not very long. I especially liked the parts that are taken from Hayley and Michael's own words about their experiences of living on less. The book separates each "stuff" topic which makes it easy to refer back to specific sections if you want to.

I would definately recommend this book to anyone wanting to rid their lives of things that get in the way of God. My only concern is that people who really need to read this book may not because of the same reasons I had trouble reading it. No one wants to read about people who have more than they do trying to deal with smaller closet space. However if you can get past that part, it really hits home with some of the other ways we can "stuff" ourselves. 

Because it's not just that our closets that can be overstuffed with useless things, it can also be our heart.
And that's today's something to think about.


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