Monday, August 1, 2011

Movie Quote Monday

Today’s Feature:  When Harry Met Sally, Castle Rock Entertainment, 1989

Memorable Quote:  “I’ll have what she’s having” –older woman customer
James 3:16 For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every evil thing

The movie “When Harry Met Sally” is a story about an unlikely friendship between a man and a woman that spans over several years.  One afternoon over lunch, Harry and Sally are discussing their favorite topic, relationships between men and women.  The conversation becomes heated when Sally insists that women are able to fool men when it comes to physical intimacy. Sally proceeds to show him, right there in the restaurant, with a surprising example, that women are capable of fooling men. After, a woman at a table next to them,utters the simple, yet profound quote from above.  Sally’s effective performance at the table has convinced this woman that whatever Sally has, she wants to have also.

Have you ever felt this way? Everything in your life is just fine, until you see someone else’s new car, house, outfit, job. Or maybe it isn’t even something new, it’s just they have and you have not. Then all of a sudden, fine isn’t good enough anymore.  We all face this from time to time; the desire for more than what we’ve been given.  We look around and see someone else is enjoying the life that we wish we had and we become unsatisfied with our own life. We think God is holding out on us, that we are not being treated fairly.

It’s really just the opposite. God gives according to His design for each of our lives.  It may not look the way we think it should look, but the Bible says God is always good. God’s treatment of us is always fair. And God’s ways are better than ours, He knows what we need, and when we need it, He doesn’t withhold for punishment but rather for purpose. Just because Sally looks like she is having the time of her life at that moment doesn’t mean that is the way her life is all the time. Life might look good for her right now, but she will also experience hardship. Everyone does. Wanting what someone else has, isn’t the answer to our happiness. God is.  Only by finding our fulfillment in Him will we stop looking around to see who’s got it better, and look right at our own lives, and realize it doesn’t get any better than a life with God.

Prayer: Thank you God for all you have given me. Help me to remember your goodness daily. Keep me from looking around at what others have and comparing.

Application Steps:  
If you find yourself envious of someone or something someone has, take time to write down the reasons for your envy and pray about them. 
Ask God to remove the envy from your heart and to help you accept and understand the gifts that you have been given in your life.
Pray for the person who is the subject of your envy.

Further Reading: James 4:2, Ephesians 4:31, Deuteronomy 5:21, Psalm 37:4

Thank you for stopping by today. I'm glad to be back posting, Things went surprisingly well at She Speaks this year. My biggest praise is that God gave me confidence in my project through the people I met and spoke to about it. Everyone I told about Blockbuster Inspiration, was very excited about the concept. Both editors I met with thought it was a great idea.
For the first time since I began this writing journey, I actually felt like a writer. I didn't feel incapable, or not educated enough to be doing this.
No matter what happens from this point forward, that much is an accomplishment for me.



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