Friday, July 1, 2011

Today I am posting to tell you that I will not be posting for the month of July.  Most of you who follow me regularly (hehe all 18 of you), will notice that I have been sporadic lately in my posts.  Well rather than continue in that same routine, I'm going to take a break for a few weeks. This will relieve the pressure I am feeling to post and post well.  It will also help you to know when you should stop by. For the most part, there won't any real posts until August.  I will be stopping by on Wendesday to post my Simple Woman Post because I know that many of my faraway friends check in with that post to see what I am up to. 
So what will I be doing with all this extra time?  Well, really do we ever have enough time? But I will be working on preparing for She Speaks which is coming up in three weeks.  I will also be giving some much needed time to my writing.  The need and desire to write has been getting stronger as I approach the conference and the possibility of being published and I've got to respond.   I will also be spending lots of time with God trying to really focus on what He wants for me with my writing.  And of course, my family will be getting most of my day to day attention.
My plan is to be back in August with a regular posting schedule, possibly a new look for the blog and God willing, I'll have good news for you about the conference.

Thank you all for spending time with me here.  I look forward to all that God has for me over the next few weeks.  Please pray for me during this time, that I may make the best use of it as well as for the upcoming conference.

See ya!


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