Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Simple Woman Wednesday-Prepping for She Speaks!

Outside my window.......sunshine, and 90 degrees
I am capri pajama bottoms with stars, light blue pepsi throwback tshirt
I am hearing......the movie Inception on the TV that my son is watching
I am thinking......about my need for a shower
I am hoping......that all goes well this weekend and that all this time writing hasn't been a waste of time
I am creating......last minute edits on my two speeches and my book proposal
I am reading.......Made to Crave again, and a small cozy mystery called "Murder is Binding"
I am thankful for.....a husband who supports me in my efforts to write
I am set aside my nervousness and enjoy my time at She Speaks
From the kitchen.... kids favorite Wednesday Nite Special tonight, leftovers tomorrow night, lot's of kid friendly food for the weekend while I'm away
Around the house.....always cleaning and laundry, lazy summer days watching movies and playing video games, oh and I have to pack yet for this weekend
Plans for the rest of the tonight, employee orientation all day tomorrow at Walmart (yes I have recently gotten a job there, more about that another time), Thursday night Ladies Bible Study, Friday, Saturday, Sunday She Speaks Conference in Charlotte NC, Monday a trip to the lake with the kids and hubby weather permitting of course
On my options for the weekend, publishers meetings, standing in front of a group and speaking, traveling there and back, starting a new job, planning a family vacation, upcoming school year, so much for such a small mind.

Pondering these words.......Love is patient.

I don't think I will have time for a full post while I am at the conference, but I will have updates on facebook as much as possible. Please keep me in prayer this weekend.  This is the riskiest thing I have ever done and I just want to get through it with a little dignity and a God honoring attitude.


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