Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Something to Think About

Ok, so I owe you all an apology.  I was really trying hard to make sure I posted all four days this week.  But yesterday just got away from me and I woke up this morning and realized I did not post yesterday.  So far the dog has thrown up in his kennel and I have to clean that up, then I have to get ready for our Made to Crave Bible study tonight which means cleaning, oh and I have to pack because I'm taking a trip this weekend.  Oh and that was probably the longest run on sentenance I've ever written.  Good grief!
I've got a lot I'm thinking about today.
However what I'm really wondering is, how do you feel about summer?
Most of my life I have not enjoyed summer, not even when I was a teenager.  I always thought that it was "oeverrated".  There was all this pressure to "have a good summer".  Quite frankly, I never had a "good summer".  Sure we may have taken a trip or two.  We hit the boardwalk at least once.  But for the most part, I spent it playing outside, or swimming in our pool once we got one.  I didn't see many of my friends from school.  Play dates weren't the thing to do back then.  I was pretty much on my own for the day, running around outside getting dirty, using my imagination with my barbies, or riding my bike.  We would have a big barbeque for my parent's anniversary which meant relatives, and lots of running around and listening to my mom yell at everyone.  So that wasn't much fun.  Also I've come to realize that people expect you to be active during the summer.  You know, actually do stuff.  I wasn't active. 
I read a bunch of Nancy Drew mysteries one summer and that began my love of reading.  But we never went to the library so those were the only books I had.
Then after all that, I'd get back to school and everyone wanted to know, "did you have a fun summer?"
No.  Summer was hot.  Summer was boring.  Summer was lonely.
No I did NOT have a fun summer.  But who wants to hear that.  So I lied and said "yes".

Now that I have children, summer is a little different I guess.  When they were babies it really wasn't any different than the rest of the year, just hotter.  As they got older, I would long for summer.  Not for summer itself, but for the lack of schedule that comes with it.  No school, no lunches to pack, no homework, no projects, you get the picture.  Staying up late, and sleeping late.

And you know what, I'm a grown up and I still feel the pressure.  I still feel like I should be doing something with my kids instead of letting them veg out on the couch watching tv and playing video games.  Even now I'm badgering my husband about a summer trip, which I'm not even sure we can afford.  But, hey it's summer and you know you have to take a vacation so you can tell everyone that you did.
Oh, and did I mention that it is hot as Hades here in Virginia?  Yes it is.  Which means, the kids can't go outside even it they wanted to.  It's just too hot.  And what's with the gnats?  Everywhere I go, whether there is grass around or not, I'm swarmed with gnats! It's driving me nuts.  I feel like we are prisoners in our home.
Which of course means I need to be doing some sort of crafty, creative, educational, family bonding stuff with my kids to make this time meaningful  right?
Pressure and too much of it.

So the answer to the question today, for me anyway, is "no, I still don't like summer"  It is not my favorite time of year at all. I could do without it, skip right over it to fall.  Which of course means we would be right back to school and schedules and homework and lunches and activities....general busyness. No sleeping late.  No staying up late.  No pajamas till 10 am.
Hmmmm, is there a happy medium?  If there is I haven't found it yet.  Don't even mention spring, cause I have issues there to.

What about you?
Summer.  Love it or leave it? Why?


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