Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Something to Think About

Nook vs. Book?

I saw a commercial last night.  It was for the Kindle actually, the Nook is Barnes n Noble's version of the Kindle.
Nook vs. Book makes a better title, right?
the commercial showed a woman holding a book and a man holding the Kindle/Nook.  Of course he was singing the praises of how the Nook is much better than holding an actual book.  No argument the woman gave for reading a book vs. reading the Nook would hold up.  The Nook/Kindle thing was better.  Eventually, she realized that the man was right and she asked him to hand over the Nook/Kindle thing.

Ok, now first of all I want to say that I LOVE technology.  I think the things we can do now a days with our phones and computers are just down right cool.  The Kindle/Nook thingy is genius.  Really, the idea of a device that can hold thousands of books?  Wow.  It is a readers dream.
Even if I owned a Kindle/Nook, which I don't. (hint hint to the Nook and Kindle people if you're reading)
I would never give up books.  And I pray with all that I have that I will NEVER see a day when books are no longer printed.  It hurts to just think of such a thing.
No printed words will never go away. 
Besides, what if the electricity goes out?  Or your battery goes dead? Then what?

What I love about the Kindle/Nook is the portability that it provides for the reader.  If you are a ferocious reader like myself, there are always more  books on your list to be read, then you have time to read.  And when you do get time to read, like for example on vacation, you know you are going to read so fast that you will need to bring more than one book on the trip. 
Believe me when I tell you, that four or five or even ten books in a suitcase will most definately not leave much room for clothes and shoes and accessories. 
All of which are equally important.
So the Kindle/Nook solves this problem.  You can bring all the books you want and not have to sacrifice space.
If I had run the marketing campaign for the Kindle/Nook people, that is the angle I would use. I would NOT insult the printed word and the people who read it, by making it seem obsolete.  Instead they should be playing up the idea of having both.
I also saw another commercial for an electrontic story book for children that actually started out "once upon a time there were books"  Can you believe that?  I haven't seen it in a awhile, maybe someone complained about it and they removed it.  Or maybe they realized that insulting books is not the way to sell new technology.  Hmmm.

Because in my reading world, there is room for both.
Both have their purpose. 
Both are equally needed.

So what do you think?  Nook or Book? or Both?
Do you think books are a thing of the past?


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  1. You are so right! I do love my Kindle and John is grateful that he doesn't see as many books around the house and on my night stand, but I still do buy books especially for bible study and such! I think you should write Kindle and Nook about this angle of space and maybe they would send you one!!!