Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Simple Woman Wednesday

Outside my window.......sunshine lots of it
I am shorts, green t-shirt, bare footed
I am hearing......the dogs click click click of their nails on the floors, and the Harry Potter Lego game on the TV, and my daughters click of the mouse at the computer
I am thinking.......about taking a break from blogging so I can prepare for the She Speaks Conference
I am reading......nothing right now, just finished a book and I need to consult my summer reading list to see what I will choose next
I am creating.....A book proposal, a 3 minutes "My Story" speech, and a 5 minute "Teaching" speech for the She Speaks Conference
I am hoping....that I won't make a fool out of myself at the She Speaks Conference when I pitch my book idea
I am thankful travel to and from New Jersey over the past weekend.  Yes, I traveled back and didn't say anything here or facebook.  My daughter wanted to surprise her friend for her birthday.  We ended up staying an extra day which explains no posts so far this week.
I am church tonight for my Hands Stiching 4 Jesus group meeting, where I will give the devotion.
From the kitchen......breakfast for dinner tonight, grilled chicken ceasar salad tomorrow night, pork chops Friday night, pasta a meatballs on Saturday, picnic food Sunday, and burgers and dogs on Monday
Around the house......took a good look today, something must be done around here!
From the learning rooms......nothing, its summer
Plans for the rest of the week.......Wednesday night group tonight, Bible study tomorrow night, nothing Friday, or Saturday, Celebrate America at Thomas Road Baptist Church on Sunday
On my mind.......need to find a devotion for tonight, but I'm also fighting to keep my eyes open right now, it's almost 4 and will need to make an early dinner to be at church by 6.
Pondering these words........"Trust that I will equip you fully for whateverf awaits you on your journey" from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young


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