Monday, May 23, 2011

Well, since my last post we have moved into our new place.  Yes, it's only been a year since we moved from New Jersey to Virginia, and yes we have moved again.  We are still in the same state this time, actually we are still in the same zip code too.  The place we were renting has been put up for sale.  We could have stayed until it sold, but we found a place that was going up for rent at the same time as our lease was ending.  This time we were thrilled to find an actual house to rent with a yard.  The townhouse was nice, but it just didn't have what we were used to.

Anyway,  I substituted today and again tomorrow, so I will be forgoing my usual posts. I also still have a few boxes to unpack. Hopefully I'll be able to at least stop by and put a little something up for you.  I hate to disappoint all my fans.  HaHa

After this week I should be back to my regularly scheduled programing.


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