Thursday, May 19, 2011

Simple Woman Wednesday on Thursday

Good Grief I've been busy these last few days.  Which explains the Simple Woman Wednesday on Thursday yet again.
We are moving over the course of these next two weeks.  I had a big birthday on Monday and I'm still trying to recover from the fact that I am 40.  I haven't even posted about my birthday.  But I just don't have time to think about it right now. 
To quote my favorite character again,  "I'll think about it tomorow"
Right now it is 7:09 am and I'm trying to get the kids out of bed so I have a few minutes to quickly get this post out.

Outside my window.....can you believe it?  I see the sun.
I am wearing......jeans, blue tshirt, ratty ocean city sweatshirt; standard uniform for running the kids to school
I am thinking......that I'd rather be in bed, sleeping
I am hearing.....the dishwasher running and the click of the dogs nails on floor as they go back and forth from the kitchen to the stairs waiting for the kids to get up
I am take them to school, then it's back to packing and moving and deciding which furniture goes where UGH!
I am hoping......that a moving fairy will come and do all this work for me
I am creating.....a list of books I'd like to read this summer
I am reading....."1,000 Gifts" by Ann VosKamp  find out more here .
I am thankful husband and children who despite my protests made me feel special on my birthday
From the kitchen......leftoevers tonight because we have a baseball game, burgers and fries tomorrow night, homemade pasta with my new pasta maker on Sunday
From the learning rooms.....bug project a success!, final exams coming up and end of the year on June 3rd
Around the house......oh, the joys of painting and clearning one house, then emptying and cleaning another!
Plans for the rest of the tonight and Saturday, packing, clearning, moving, substituting again next week, etc. etc. blah blah blah

On my mind.......EVERYTHING, I don't think there is room for one more thing in my head right now

Pondering these words.......Psalm 29:11 "May the Lord give strength to His people! May the Lord bless his people with peace!"


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