Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Simple Woman Wednesday

Outside my window.....dark
I am wearing.......pajamas that say "shopping diva" on them, not really who I am, but they are cute and have my favorite color red on them, red short sleeve shirt, bare feet
I am hearing.....American Idol on the TV,  traffic noise from the open windows
I am thankful for......God's continuous provision
I am thinking.....about what clothes I'm going to bring when I travel this weekend, when you have weight issues, dressing and planning outfits isn't easy
I am the Greentree Women's Retreat in Lancaster, PA this weekend
I am hoping......for an uplifting, encouraging, God centered, bible learning, prayerful, fun and relaxing time this weekend
From the learning rooms......The Science Fair is over!!!!!WoooHoo!!!
From the kitchen.......chicken tomorrow night, then hubby is on his own for the weekend, but the kitchen is fully stocked, they won't starve
I am script for my part in the skit that we will be performing this weekend, my part is "Charlotte" Sheen, but I can't really use too much of what I've read in the headlines lately from Charlie Sheen because it is just waaaay to horrible, but I'll make it work
I am reading.......still nothing, so sad
Around the house......laundry, packing for the weekend, normal stuff, there's coffee grounds on the counter in the kitchen and I think I left some stuff in the dryer
On my mind.......will it be awkward going to the retreat this year?  Will everyone like the skit that I wrote?  Will they get the message? 
About my writing-It seems like everything I read that someone else has written sounds better than what I write.  Should I really be doing this? 
Will everyone be ok while I'm away?

Pondering these words:  Remember, Christ sees your value and hidden potential. And He wants to help you see it, too.-from the Proverbs 31 Ministries daily devotion that ran today.


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