Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Something to Think About

Today I need your help, again.
Yes, I know I'm a little needy.  Hey, nobody's perfect right?
Look up above this post and you will see a little survey of titles for my book.  Just like the one I put up a few weeks ago.  And yes I know I asked your opinion on the titles already, but you didn't really think that would be it did you?
The title that got the most votes was "God on Demand: finding inspiration when you press the play button."
And I was prepared to use that title.  But something about it just didn't sit right with me.  Even when I first came up with it, it seemed a should I say? 
Even though I knew it was a play on words, and you and everyone else I showed it to knew it was a play on words, it still gave the impression of being able to "demand" something of God.  That's just not the feeling I want people to have.  I want people to get a connection between movies and God.
So I've come up with a few more titles for you to look over.
I've also decided that this will be a 60 day devotion, and the first in a series of books each using different genres of movies.

Once I get this title thing out of the way, then I will be asking you for your favorite movie quote devotions.  I will need to include 10 sample devotions.  But we'll save that for later.
You have over a week to decide.  You can either just vote in the survey, leave a comment or email me with you choices.

Thank you so much for your help with this.


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