Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Simple Woman Wednesday

I am pajama bottoms with stars and moons on them, blue tank top (it's hot!)
I am American Idol contestant that I don't like
Outside my window.........dark, clouds, and my daughter says lightening
I am thinking......can't wait for this contestant to finish
I am reading......Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst, Jesus Calling
I am creating......crochet baby items for the pregnancy center and a list of 365 movies to quote from
I am hoping.....that this whole house hunting/mortgage thing will be over soon UGH!
I am the grocery store tomorrow to get ready for weekend visitors
I am thankful for........everything the Lord has provided for me and my family
From the kitchen......baking cookies for my son's class party on Friday, and time to start grilling!
From the learning fair project ( did I mention that I dislike science?),
Around the house......same old, same old, there's an empty yogurt cup on the coffee table
Plans for the rest of the week......weekend visitors



  1. In like your post. A list of simple moments that aren't really so simple when you look at them individually. You are a busy lady. Enjoy your weekend visitors.

  2. Hi Josey,
    It sounds like your life is full. I'm standing in agreement with you for the funds for you to attend She Speaks! Blessings to you.