Monday, March 21, 2011


Due to a series of different things happening right now, I must apologize again for not having a Movie Quote Monday Devotion for you today.
I am very sorry for falling behind.
We were on spring break last week and during that time I worked on my book proposal. Finding 365 quotes from movies has proved to be more difficult than I thought.
We've also been house hunting and my mind has been on numbers of bedrooms, mortgage rates, and geographical areas.
I will be back on scheduled by next Monday.
I promise.

Thank you to everyone who voted for the title of my book.
And if you are interested in sponsoring me to go to the She Speaks conference you can get more information here:
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  1. Hi, Josey! Sure sounds like you have a lot going on!! where???

    Excited you are putting a book proposal together. Praying He grows and blesses you through this time! "You have exalted above all things Your name and Your word." Psalm 138:2

    Praying for His will and provision regarding She Speaks! :)


  2. One of the best quotes I've heard in a movie was in the movie "Rudy". Rudy is asking a priest about knowing God's will and the priest says, "I've been a priest for 35 years and There are 2 things I know: 1) There is a God. 2) I'm not Him. What a great idea for a book-movie quotes. I wish you well.