Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hi everyone.
I do not have movie quote Monday devotion for you today.  I am so very sorry for falling behind.  But as I said before, I am trying very hard to put real effort into my writing.  I don't want to ever put a post up here that hasn't been thought out.  My movie quote devotions are something that I'd like to publish some day.  So I must make them the best they can be, not just for the book, but for you to.
It simply wasn't ready for you to read yet.
And honestly, I'm starting to struggle a little with writing the movie quote devotions.  There is a small part of me that thinks it is because I don't really know what I'm doing and so far I've just been lucky.  Then there's the other part of me that thinks that it's probably not even a good idea, that they are silly.  And of course there is the other part that says that's all I've got, there isn't any more in there, the ideas have dried up.
All of this of course is just lies that the evil one tells me.  Deep down I believe the devotions are getting harder to write because I'm making them more meaningful.  The idea of putting them into a book is becoming more and more real.  Which makes the content all the more important.  I've come to a point where what I'm writing really does matter.  So it has been harder to write them.  The words don't always come as easy as they first did.  Some of that is my fault, some of that is just the nature of writing I think.
But I'm not giving up.  I've got too many people out there who have encouraged me.  I've come too far to stop now.  I believe I'm on the right track with this writing thing.
So today I will leave you with this.
The She Speaks Writer's and Speakers Conference has begun registration.  I really really really want to go back this year.  I want to write that book proposal and bring it to a meeting with an editor.  There is nothing holding me back from writing the proposal.  Even if I'm struggling to write a Movie Quote Monday post, I have enough of them already written to put into a proposal.  The only thing standing in my way of going is of course the funds and a clear schedule.
So please pray for me today.
Pray that the words will continue to come.
Pray that I will be able to tune out the negative.
Pray that God will allow me to go and provide the way to She Speaks.

Thank you for stopping by today.  And thank you for standing by me in this journey.


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