Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today I need your help.
Look to the left of this post.  Do you see that title that says "Which title for my devotional do you like best?"
Well, I need you to choose one. 
I'm trying to decide on a title for the devotional book I'm putting together.
I need your help.
The list is the 4 title I have come up with.  If you have other suggestions that would be helpful.
But first let me tell you about what I'm working on.
(shew! that is hard to say, that I'm working on a book)
Anyway.  My idea is for a devotional book using he Movie Quote Monday devotions that I've been writing.  The reason I think it would be a good book is two fold.  1.  Movies are now and always have been the biggest form of entertainment for people.  The movie industry is a multi million dollar industry.  Even with the economy the way it is, they are still making money on movies in Hollywood.  Also with the addition of things like On Demand, Netflix, and Red Box I think people are watching more and more movies. I happen to be a HUGE move person.  I don't always see as many movies as I'd like to, but I'm still a big fan.  All my life I have enjoyed being lost for those few hours in what ever story the director is trying to show me on the screen.  I can quote lines from movies and I do it all the time.  Much to the annoyment of my husband.  I believe God can and does use any and all means to get our attention.  A line from a movie, when looked at from a biblical perspective can be meaningful even if the movie wasn't meant to be about God.

2.  When I first began attending a Bible preaching church, I remember being told that I should spend time reading God's word daily.  This was difficult for me.  The Bible isn't always easy to read or understand.  When you are new to the Bible much of it's content feels old and outdated.  It is hard to see the relevance.  For me, a devotional was an easy way to get me interested in reading the Bible.  The short little inspirational stories tied to a Biblical application was the perfect combination.  I could easily understand the connection to real life when I looked at it this way.  Also, looking up one or two short scriptures was more doable for me than reading entire chapters in one sitting.  Even though today I read my Bible without trouble, I still enjoy a good devotional.  It is always helpful to get a new perspective.  Devotionals are also very good for traveling.  It allows you to get a quick dose of what you need during a usually over scheduled time of your life.

So that's my reasoning for writing a devotional using movie quotes.  I don't know whether it will be received well, but it is worth a try.  When I register for She Speaks, I will be requesting an appointment with a publisher.  This is such a huge step for me.

Please take a minute to look at the title suggestions and give me your opinion.  All of you out there who read this blog are part of this journey with me and I want to continue to include your input as much as possible.

Tomorrow I will have a post about another way you can help me, if you are willing.


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  1. I voted for the 4th one. :) I like the idea of finding inspiration when I hit the play button. :)

    And I just realized something...someone had encouraged me to submit something to Mary DeMuth's Thin Places site, so I went looking at it, and realized I've read your story there before!!! I didn't realize that was you. Wow, cyberspace is a "small world", lol! Go you!

    Not sure if I want to submit something just yet...I think I want to read the book first.