Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thin Places Post

Today I have a post running on Mary DeMuth's blog.  It is part of her "Thin Places" section.  The Thin Places section is for telling a story about a time in your life when God came near.  A time when you truly knew he was real.  It is a place for people to open up and tell stories that have changed them.

Oh, you have no idea how nervous I am about this. Excited to.
This story comes from a very difficult time in my life.  One I have kept hidden for a long time.
I have recently begun to share it because I felt god leading me to do so.  I know it is a first step in something bigger.  I know God is prompting me to share this for a purpose that is designed by Him.
But it can still be a little unsettling to be so open.
Since I have started to write, I have had this feeling that maybe I may end up only doing this for me and God.  That no one else would ever read anything I wrote.  I wouldn't ever be able to help or effecgt people in the way that I had hoped with my writing.
Having a something I wrote be put up on someone else's blog, someone like Mary who's been published, sho has spoken to large groups, who is doing what I want to do to, well that's just..........amazing.
I know that sounds a little overly dramatic, but when you do something that you've wanted to do but never thought you could, and it gets noticed, even slightly, it is a big deal.

It changes how you view what you do.  It makes it real.  It creates a sense of "yes, I really can".  Even though I know that I don't need validation from anyone but God, and I would keep on writing even if no one ever noticed, there is the small part inside that hopes.  It hopes that one day someone will take notice and it will go from a little dream or little hobby, to something bigger.  It will become what we want it to be.

Today I am out there.
For the whole world to read.
I have used this hidden dream to tell about an event that changed my life and
I have been noticed by someone who is in the know.

Because of that, today I am changed.
I hope you are to.

Here is the link to my post.  Please stop by and read if you have time.


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