Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Simple Women Wednesday

Outside my window........cloudy, 36 degrees cold, chance of snow showers
I am wearing.......olive green cordourys, black turtleneck
I am hearing........CSI Miami on the TV, but the kids will be home any minute so that will change to either Disney Channel or Nick Channel
I am thankful more sickness in our house
I am the YMCA tonight with my son to use the gym and swim
I am creating......a Movie Quote Monday devotion for next week, crochet bears and baby items, an article to submit for publication,same old stuff
I am reading.......nothing right now, so sad
I am hoping........for at least one more snow day before winter is over
From the kitchen.........lowfat shrimp and pasta tonight, beef stroganoff tomorrow, chilli on Friday
From the learning rooms......oral book report on Dr. Seuss for my son, Science Fair project and computer research project on Vince Lombardi for my daughter
Around the house.........normal stuff
On my mind.......Valentine's Day, my husband's birthday
Plans for the rest of the week........working, working, working, homework, homework, homework

Pondering these words.......1 Corinthians 10:31 (NASB) Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God

I have some news for all my "fans" out there.
Tomorrow I will have a post running on another website.  Mary DeMuth, published autho,r has a segment on her blog entitled "Thin Places" based on her memoir of the same name.  It is a place where people can have stories printed about themselves when they have experienced what Mary calls a Thin Place.

This is the description of a Thin Place from her blog: Thin places are those times where the division between this world and the eternal fades; they are snatches of holy ground, tucked into the corners of our world, where we might just catch a glimpse of eternity...........  A time when God came near. A time when you sensed His presence like never before. A time when you knew-that-you-knew-that-you-knew that He was real.

You can access Mary's blog from here

I'm so excited and nervous all at once. This story is about a very painful time in my life and the idea that it is out there for the whole world to read is a little unsettling.  My testimony is right at the top of this blog for anyone to read, but Mary has way more people following her than I do.  I can't help feeling like this is a first step in something much bigger.

I hope you get a chance to hop over tomorrow and read it. 


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