Monday, January 24, 2011

Movie Quote Monday

“You will end this”-from the movie Law Abiding Citizen

In this movie, a man is carrying out his plan for revenge and begins a series of murders of all the people associated with his previous case. His wife and daughter were mudered and the prosecutor made a deal with the defendants that the man didn't agree with. Really his main target is the prosecutor. He doesn’t want to kill him, he wants him to be tortured by not being able to stop the man who is doing all of the killing. The prosecutor meets with the man several times in attempt to put a stop to the murders by making a deal with him. The prosecutor’s frustration is mounting and during one of the meetings he demands that the man put a stop to the murders with the simple line from above.

Many of us have felt very much like the prosecutor from this movie. There are things going on around us that we have no control over. Stuff is happening to us that we are unhappy about and we are powerless to make it stop. We are angry, frustrated, sad, anxious or just plain miserable. If feels as if there is no way out.  Some of us have been feeling this way for a long time.  Others may have been going along just fine and then suddenly something has hit us out of the blue and just knocked down.  Either way, things can be bad in life.

Even though in this movie there didn’t seem to be a way to put a stop to all the pain that this one man was causing, in our lives there is a way out.


Jesus can put and end to your pain and misery. He’s really the only one who can.

Our lives are a mess because of one thing.....sin. When sin entered the world it corrupted everything. There isn’t anything in this world we come in contact with that isn’t touched by sin. Sin has made us susceptible to deadly disease. Sin is what causes our desires rule in our hearts. The evils of sin are at work everyday all around us. And there isn't anything we can do to stop it.

When Jesus came, his job was to make a way out of this trap of sin we feel like we are in. He came to put an end to the effects of sin. Sin is still alive and active in this world, nothing can change what we have done to cause that. But when we allow Jesus into our lives we are able to live our lives with hope. Hope to finally choose not to sin. Hope that can keep us off the path of sin. And the things we can’t change? With Jesus at least we are able to cope with the pain. When He took on the job of putting an end to the hold of sin in our lives he took it seriously.

So seriously that He was willing to give His life to end it.

We may never be able fix this broken world, but Jesus puts an end to the brokenness we feel in our lives.

Scripture says in Hebrews 10:12 (NASB) but He, having offered one sacrifice or sins or all time, SAT DOWN AT THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD

I love the way this scripture ends.  Jesus sat down at the right hand of God.  I've heard it preached that by indicating that Jesus sat down, it was a sign that things were finished.  We often do the same thing.  We work, work, work and then at the end, we plop into a chair and breath a sigh of relief that we done.  Jesus did the same thing.
It was finished, over, done.
No more would we have to struggle and feel like a slave to those sinful desires in our life. 

All because of Jesus.

Whatever you are facing, whether it has been on going or it has just begun,

Jesus will end it.


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