Sunday, December 5, 2010

Movie Quote Monday

“Sometimes believing in something just means……that you believe it”-Tim Allen as Scott Calvin aka Santa Claus in the movie The Santa Claus

This is another of my favorite must watch Christmas movies. I even enjoyed the two sequels that they did. Something about the idea of Santa and his elves living at the North Pole just makes me feel warm and fuzzy. It is magical when you think about it. This little land of people dedicated to making the children of the world happy. They work all year for one night. They don’t get any of the credit, we parents take all of that, and not too many people really believe they exist. They live and work in a world that is hidden from view. All for what? To create something magical. Not many people accept or believe in this kind of magic. Maybe because it is difficult. It is easier to believe in a card trick type of magic than something that could actually exist. It just doesn’t sound plausible.

Yes, the reason people have such a hard time with something like this is because when there is magic involved, it requires a little faith believing.

Of course I’m speaking hypothetically. I know there isn’t a Santa Claus or elves, or a toy making village at the North Pole. I don’t want you to think I’ve totally lost my mind or anything. But its fun to dream a little isn’t it? And those movies are so well done, it just makes me smile to dream that dream, even if just for a moment.

I do know of something that is just as magical, and just as difficult to believe. It isn’t a dream, or a made up story, though. It actually happened.

God becoming a man and living here on earth with us?

A young girl becoming pregnant by the Holy Spirit?

Jesus, son of God considered illegitimate born, raised as a carpenter?

These things make up the greatest story that you will ever hear. And even though it all sounds too good to be true, it is the biggest truth you will ever hear. God in His infinite wisdom, knew what this world would become before He even created it. He chose one of the three of Himself to be the one and only solution. And the way He went about it……


And just a little bit unbelievable.


A young unmarried girl pregnant with no real explanation other than an angel came to her in a dream and told her that the child was of the Holy Spirit. Now, in today’s world that doesn’t sound so magical. People thought Mary was lying. Joseph didn’t want her as a wife. She should have been stoned to death for what she had done. Then Joseph is visited in a dream by an angel who tells him it is ok to take Mary as a wife, that she hasn’t done anything wrong. People must have thought he was out of his mind when he said he was still going to marry her.

If this story had taken place today, it probably wouldn’t have been questioned. Young girls get pregnant everyday out of wedlock and they could care less who fathered their child. But in biblical times? This was unbelievable. Ordinary people just didn’t go around talking about having angels of God visit them in dreams. That was the kind of stuff that prophets and priests talked about. Not an everyday carpenter and a teenage girl.

Yet, it happened. And it happened during a time in history that would make believing in it difficult. That is what makes it so magical.

Many people still question the circumstances surrounding Jesus’ birth. They don’t believe it happened the way the Bible said it did. They ask how? or why this way? When I think of this movie quote and the questions people have regarding the birth of Jesus, I’m reminded of what I said to the Muslim man I met in London. He questioned me regarding the trinity, God in three persons. I remember saying to Him after trying my best to explain it, “I don’t really know how to explain it, it doesn’t really makes sense to me either, but I believe it and I don’t question it, and I stand firm on the fact that it is true”.

No, the circumstances of Jesus’ birth don’t really make logical sense. Trying to make sense of it is difficult and brings up questions.

But you know what?

Sometimes believing in something means you just believe in it.

You don’t question it.

You don’t try to make sense of it.

You stand firm on it and know that it is true.

Now that’s magic.


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