Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Midweek Update

Well, I'm here.  Didn't think I would be.  Our computer decided that this was a good week to get infected, or to throw a fit, not sure which yet.  Either way it is not working.  I'm using my husband's laptop and it's for work so I can be on it too much.   Hopefully we will be able to get the computer fixed sometime within the next week.  Till then I'm going to do my best.  Please bear with me.
Other than that, there isn't much excitement here.  Everything is revolving around Christmas right now.  Presents, cookies, menu planning.... you get the idea.
We're still doing our countdown.  One sock every day.  My son just about explodes while he waits for his sister to get up each day to see what is inside.
Next week we will be traveling to New Jersey again.  We will be attending the wedding of the young girl who used to babysit for us.  In fact she was the first person other than a family member that I ever left my kids with.  Hard to believe she is getting maried.
My husband will be traveling to New Jersey this weekend for an unexpected visit.  One of his co workers from his previous office passed away this week of a stroke.  They used to share an office.  We've known him for years.  It's strange how, "just like that" someone can be here one day then gone the next.
I'm still not feeling well.  I don't really know what is going on, but this is definately a "female" issue.  There's probably only three things that could be causing it- one option is physically impossible, one option is just plain frightening, and the last option would be rare but not completely unheard of.  I'm intentionally being vague with this.  I don't want anyone out there reading this to be worried or jump to any conclusions about what is going on.  I'll know more after friday, I hope.  If there is one thing that is a pet peeve, it's when you go to the doctor and don't get an answer.
I guess that is just our nature.  We always want answers.  Luckily in the regular world we are able to get answers.  Usually.  When we are dealing with God however, we don't always get answers or if we do get an answer sometimes it is what we want.  That's where true faith comes in.  Faith to accept that we may have to wait.  Faith to accept whatever the answer is, regardless.  Faith to keep going day after day, facing more situations that require waiting for answers that may or may not be what we want.

It's cold here in Virginia. VERY cold. 
Christmas is only 18 days away.
I hope all is well with all of my bloggy sisters out there.
Mickey's Christmas Carole is on tonight.  I just love the little short with Donald Duck having a snow ball fight with his nephews.  It still makes me laugh after all these years.

See ya tomorrow!


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