Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just wanted to give all my "fans" a heads up.  (Hehe, what all 13 of you?)

Anyway,  I will be back posting with my regular schedule starting January 3rd.  I have taken the Christmas break off to spend it with my family.  And, we are still awaiting a new computer.  Turns out our little problem with the computer two weeks ago is not fixable.  So now we what's left of it is a the computer doctor to retreave all of the important stuff that was in our other computer.  Then we will upload it to the new one that is on it's way as I type.
None of that really has anything to do with me not posting for the last two weeks, it was just the Christmas holiday and I wanted to hang out with my husband and children.

All that to say, look for a Movie Quote Monday on January 3, 2011.
Can you believe it?  2011?
I thought by now we'd all be living in houses like the Jetsons.


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