Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday Something to Think About

Ok, again I'm sorry this post is late.  We've had a cold hit our house this week and my son was home for two days.
But right now my mind is full of Thanksgiving beings it's only a week away. 
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Being a self proclaimed "foodie", I will admit that the reason this is my favorite holiday is because it is the only one that is all about the food.  It is basically a celebration of a meal.  What could be better than that.  It started with a meal, and it continues to be all about the meal even today.  Magazines starts weeks in advance with Thanksgiving meal ideas and preparation schedules to help with the planning.  Someday I'll make one of those fancy meals like in the magazines, but for now my family likes the traditional meal.  You know, the basics.  Nothing fancy.  Turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing (stove top) green bean casserole, corn, and cranberry sauce from a can.  Yes you heard that right, cranberry sauce from a can. 
Now I don't have a problem with cranberry sauce.  I like it.  Even from a can.  But if you have ever had homemade cranberry sauce, you will see that it looks and tastes much better.  However, I tried this once not long after I had been married.  It didn't go over well.  People wanted to know why it didn't have the rings in it.  Or why it was sliced into round sections.  So I decided to not do that again.  It just wasn't worth it.
 I guess people just sometimes get stuck in a habit of things and don't like change.  Even if the change is better.
Wow, that sounds familiar. Sort of like us.  We get stuck in our habits of doing things a certain way, even if they don't turn out right, are bad for us, or hurt people.  We don't or won't do something new because it just looks different than what we are used to.  It seems strange, not right somehow.  But what if what we've been doing isn't good.  You know like a big blob of can shaped cranberry flavored geletin with rings in it?  Doesn't sound so good when you put it that way does it?  Why not take a bite of something that is brightly colored, flavorful and full of natural looking fruit?  Why not try something new?
It could just make a difference.
I know, not that easy.
Just like my family that didn't want to give up their can shaped gelled cranberry sauce, we hesitate to give up our old habits, even if they are bad.  Change is hard.
Over time, I was able to convince my family that homemade pumpkin pie is way better than anything bought in the store.
So, baby steps I guess.

I continue to make homemade pumpkin pie even today. 
But I still  dream of someday making one of those fancy Thanksgiving dinners from the magazines.
Sigh, someday.

Anyway,  my something to think about question for today is.......
What is your favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal? Do you even like Thanksgiving?  Is there something you just have to have for the dinner?  Is there something you make that people ask for?
Ok that's more than one question.  Oh well, my blog, my questions.
I have an awesome pumpkin bread recipe, that I must make.  At first they were reluctant, they said "what's pumpkin bread?"  But I perservered and kept making it year after year.
And now, they ask for it.  If I didn't make it, people would be upset.
It simply isn't Thanksgiving without it.

See? Change is good.


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