Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday Something to Think About

I have a confession to make.  Well, it's not really as dramatic as all that, but it's something I want to share.

I like to watch crime shows.  Especially CSI.  I particularly partial to the orginal, but I also enjoy CSI Miami with overly dramatic David Caruso, and CSI New York. Who doesn't love Gary Sinese? (Lieutenant Dan!) I have not seen the new one CSI LA, but I'm sure it is as good as the others.  The show House is also a favorite of mine.  It's really the same type of thing.  Piecing together the puzzle, only on House the person is still alive.  The issue there isn't finding out who killed them, it's keeping them from dying.  Sort of a reverse CSI.
Now in retrospect it is not an issue that I like these shows.  However, have you flipped on the TV in the middle of the day?  You can catch any of these shows in back to back to back to back episodes ALL DAY LONG.  Yes, that's right.  As they are running the credits from one show, the next one is beginning.
If I'm not careful I could be stuck in front of the TV all day.  Which is why I rarely turn the TV on during the day.  I usually wait until I've done all of my housework, dinner prep, emails, blogging, bible reading, regular reading, and exercise for the day before I turn it on.
It really is a sickness, I know.
It's just so interesting watching them figure out the crime though.  I thoroughly enjoy seeing them piece it together little by little.  And the things they investigate?  Good Grief!!!  Oh but, figure it out they do, and they catch the bad guy and save the patient.

Soooo, my Thursday Something to Think About for you today is:
"Is there a TV show that you are completely "hooked" on?  "Have you ever sat for hours watching, completely drawn in?"

I can't be the only person out there.
Please tell me I'm not.


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