Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Midweek Update

So what's happening in the Bozzo household?
Well, Michael is home from school today.  He's fine, just a slight cold.  Nothing to be worried about.  My kids don't get sick that often so I don't mind it when they do.  I think the last time Michael stayed home from school was probably 3 years ago.  Maybe 4.  He thinks he got it from his sister.  But Morgan had a cold two weeks ago.  She stayed home a day to.  I don't think there is an incubation period for a cold of two weeks.  This must have come from somewhere else.
Morgan and I visited New Jersey this past weekend.  It was nice to see everyone.  We attended the women's event at Greentree Church on Friday, a bridal shower on Saturday, Morgan saw a musical Saturday night by Sojourn, then we came home Sunday.  They asked me to speak at the women's event.  That was a nice surprise.  All I did was ask Debbie (our pastor's wife, who organized the event) if she needed any help.  I told her when I'd be arriving and said I could come right over to church and help. Next thing I know she asked me to speak for a few minutes.  I truly felt blessed and honored that she would ask me.  And I'm counting it as my first speaking engagement.  I know it was only 5 minutes but I think it still counts.  It really felt wonderful to get up and speak about what God was doing in my life and how he's been working.  We stayed with my good friend Lorraine.  She is such encouragement to me.  She reads this blog and lets me know when I've written something that touched her.  I mentioned to her that I'm toying with the idea of writing a book proposal and going to he conference again next year to meet with a publisher.  Of course she said I should.  She's such a good friend.  We went to Borders and had coffee with two other friends, Jennifer and Heidi, while Morgan was at the show.  My friend Heidi also encouraged me in my writing.  She mentioned that she felt my writing had really improved lately.  I've also heard this from Debbie, my pastor's wife.
It is soo nice to have such good friends as this.  Sometimes it is just what I need to get me moving.

There's only two more days to this school week.  Next week the kids are off for Thanksgiving, the whole week.  We are leaving on Wednesday for Tennessee to spend Thanksgiving with my husband's family.  My husband's brother is coming from New Jersey to.  This will be the first time we've all been together since my in laws retired and moved to Tennessee.  It should be interesting, but nice nonetheless.
After that, the countdown till Christmas begins.  I'm not at all prepared.  I usually start planning before now.  I don't know if that is because I've been planning in advance for so many years and it is becoming easier, or I'm just being lazy about it this year.  Right now I'm trying to find the best place to put the Christmas tree in our townhome.  We have plenty of space, but for some reason there doesn't seem to be a clear spot for it.  I usually decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Last year we got a live tree, so the tree went up closer to Christmas, so it wouldn't die too soon.  So I've got time to figure out where it is going to go.  I might be late getting the decorations up because we'll be traveling on Saturday after Thanksgiving to come home.  But I'm home during the day all week (still not working), so I've got time.
Wow, just typing this is making me feel the time crunch!
Tonight will be the last meeting for After The Boxes Are Unpacked.  This is the group at church for newcomers (women only).  It will be weird not meeting each week.  Hopefully some of us will continue to still meet.  I'm feeling a connection with the one woman who leads the group, Dawn.  But I don't know if I should reach out and ask to keep meeting with her.  It feels awkward.  I just know that this woman knew my name the minute I walked into the meeting and hasn't forgotten it since.  That meant something to me.
Anyway,  There isn't really anything else happening here.  The leaves on the trees in the mountains are just beautiful.  The weather is still pretty mild but I'm hopeful it will get colder soon.  It still miss homeschooling the kids. (I had such hopes for this coming year)  I had a moment the other day that made me angry that the kids are in school.  That was hard.  I had to remind myself that they are in a good school and it is a good opportunity for them.  I also had to stop myself from blaming my husband for me not being able to homeschool this year.  Oh issues, issues, I have a few.
I've updated the Currently Reading section.  I'm also hoping to tell you about some of the books I've read recently.  I've read more books that are listed there.  I will have to take a day soon and post about everything I've read.  Next week for Thanksgiving I will probably only post up till Thursday.  I will take Friday off again, unless something comes up that I just have to tell you about.

Well, thanks for stopping by today.   I'll be back tomorrow.


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