Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Find

Today's Friday Find is a book.

On the left side of this blog, a little ways down, there is a button.  It says "I review books for Tyndale".  Well, this is a program for bloggers that offers them free books in exchange for posting a review of the book on the blog and other retail sites like Amazon.
Well, I've gotten my first book.  It is called "Remember Why You Play".  This is a book about a high school football team in Texas.  It follows them through one entire season  in 2007 and then goes on to tell about the final game of the 2008 season.  Here's a sample of what it says on the back of the book:

"In November 2008, the Faith Christian Lions closed their regular season by plahying the Gainsville State Tornadoes.  Faith had already secured its slot in the playoffs.  The Tornadoes were winless in eight games and had scored only two touchdowns all season.  The game should have meant nothing.  It turned out to mean everything."

Goodness, I get goosebumps just typing that.
The Gainsville State Tornadoes were a team from the Gainsville State School.  A maximum security correctional facility.  The team didn't have a home field, every game for them was away.  They had hardly enough equipment or team members and practically no fans.  Not even the players parents attended the games.  They were kids who didn't have much of a chance in life to be anything other than what they were, criminals.
The Faith Christian Lions did something for them that no one had every done before.  They reached out with the love of Jesus and made a difference in their lives.  The coach of the team sent out an email to all the parents of his team before the game requesting that people sit on the Tornadoes side and cheer for the players.  Not only did they do that, but they cheered for those boys by name, even when it meant cheering against their own sons. He also asked them to form a spirit line for the team to run through.  The Tornadoes didn't know what to do, they had never run through a spirit line before.  The coaches of the Tornadoes were so overcome with emotion at the site of their players running through a spirit line, they couldn't even go through themselves.

Normally I wouldn't read a book like this, even though I am a huge football fan.  But once I read what it was about, I just had to.   Unfortunately they don't get to the game with the Tornadoes until the end of the book.  The bulk of the story centers on the season before they play them.  Each chapter is a play by play summary of each game they played.  The season before the Faith Lions went undefeated all the way to the State Championship, which they lost.  This was something that no Faith team had ever done before.  Reading a play by play of each game at first was difficult.  But after a while it became exciting.  And once I got to the final chapter when the talked about the game against the Tornadoes I finally understood why they spent so much time on the previous season. It was because of that season, and the way the team came together under the direction of the coaching staff, that they were able to show Jesus to the Tornadoe team at all. And because of what they did for that team, they not made a difference in their lives in the name of God, but they showed that you can truly use anything to reach people for Christ, even football.

This was a really great book, it wasn't difficult to read and the story moved along pretty easily. It was also an inspirational and encouraging story. I truly enjoyed this book and the message that it gives. I think it would make a great gift to any football fan you know. I also think it might be great for teachers or anyone in the position to coach or mentor children.

"Remember Why You Play" makes my list of books that I consider to be a Good Read.

I hope you like it to.


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