Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Midweek Update

Well, I knew we would do it eventually and now we are.
We're going back for a visit.  The kids are off from school on Friday so we are leaving tomorrow night for a long weekend in New Jersey.  I honestly didn't think we would go this soon.  With school and work it just didn't look like there was going to be time to visit until at least December.  Our friend is getting married in December so we had been making plans to go back for the wedding.
But it seems that we've managed to fit in a visit, and I think we will probably make another visit in November for the bridal shower.  I wasn't sure we could manage that either, but it looks like we can.
So we will spend Halloween in New Jersey.  My kids will Trick or Treat in the same neighborhood they've been Trick or Treating in for last few years.  We will visit our previous church on Sunday and then spend the day watching football with our friends just like we would if we still lived there.
Everyone is excited about it.
Except me.
Oh, don't get me wrong, I miss my friends and all.  I just have an odd feeling about going back.  Almost like I shouldn't.  It's as if I was just getting settled in and now I'll be reminded all over again that we don't live there anymore.  Not that I'm not happy about moving, but I think going back is like actually going a step back.
I'm worried about the kids and how it will affect them seeing their friends and church again.  I wonder if us visiting will make people think we don't like it where we are.  Because if we liked it so much why would we want to come back right?  I know it is a weird way of thinking about things.  I can't help it.
I think this move has done more to me emotionally than I'm willing to admit.
But we're going.  So I'm just going to have to trust God with this one.  He's the one who cleared the way for us to go.  He's the one who will go with us.  And for whatever reason, He wants us to make this visit.

There won't be a Thursday Thought tomorrow because I will be busy packing and getting ready to go and I really don't think I should put that kind of pressure on myself to do a blog post to.  Unless I get inspired.
I don't think there will be a Friday Find either this week, again unless I stumble on something I just have to tell you about.   I'll be seeing most of the people who read this blog in person anyway, so you'll have the real live and in person version.

I will be back to posting on Monday.  I'm working on a Movie Quote Monday devotion and I'll be taking my writing notebook with me.  I think that might be considered progress for me.  Working on writing even on a weekend trip.

Ok, well that's all for now.
See you Monday


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