Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Find

Today's Friday Find is a blog by a member of the Proverbs 31 Ministry team.  Her name is Shari Braendel and her blog is called A Beautiful Place.  Shari is an image consultant.  Which means she helps people with how they look.  She analyzes people and determines the best colors for them to wear in clothes and make up. She speaks at churches to women and teenage girls.  She also does something called Beauty Bookcamp, which sounds like fun.
However, she does all of this from a biblical perspective.  Every piece of advice she gives comes directly from the attitude of being Godly women while still maintaining our appearance.  I haven't read her book, but I'm putting it on my Christmas list.  I'm also going to keep an eye out for a good sale.
She was only posting on Wednesdays, but now she will be adding another day.  This additional day will feature people who have read her book and what they have learned from it.  There is also this color analysis thing on her site.  You go through and answer the questions and it will give you a quick run down of the colors you would look best in.  Oh and she has this really near thing that you can order, "color swatches"  These are for you to carry with you so that when you are shopping you have a quick reference to what colors look best on you.  I think there is patterns to.
It is such a fun site to visit.  She gives all kinds of make up, accessory, and clothing tips.  But best of all, she helps you to see your true beauty in Christ.  Which is so important.
I personally met Shari at this year's She Speaks conference.  She sat at my table for dinner the first night.  She is such a nice person and she didn't say anything about whether or not I had on the right colors or the proper number of accessories.  Even though I was nervous about that when she sat down.

Take some time if you can to visit her site, maybe even pick up her book.  (if you do, can I borrow it?)
I hope you enjoy Shari's blog as much as I do.


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  1. Hi Josey, thank you for posting about my blog! I just returned from a conference and was excited to see that you blogged about my site. I pray God blesses you in a BIG way! I'm sure you were dressed just fine when I sat with you at dinner!!!! love ya! Shari