Thursday, September 30, 2010

Something to Think About-Is Different Ok?

Things are different here. 
The church we attend is HUGE compared to the one we came from.  And that's really saying something, because I thought the church we came from was pretty big.  It's a Baptist Church, so there are certain "requirements" that need to be met in order to be an official member.  Our previous church was nondenominational.  We just had to believe that same things and we could be a member. 
The Women's Bible Study I've been attending is also HUGE.  I'm at a table with 8-10 women each week in a room with about 20-40 tables. (I haven't actually counted the tables) There's also another room with the same amount of women in it.  It's a DVD series with a workbook that has homework each week.  And it is being taught by three different women; Kay Arthur, Priscilla Shriver, and Beth Moore.
We didn't do anything like this at our other church. 
There isn't just a Walmart here, it's a SUPER Walmart.  It is the ultimate in one stop shopping.  But I had to make an extra trip to the Kroger grocery store to get escarole because walmart didn't carry it.  In case you don't know escarole is a green, similiar to spinach.  I use it to make "Meatball Soup".  Which is my own version of Italian Wedding Soup. 
Anyway.  Things are different here.
Most of the time different is ok.  Right now, I'm not so sure.  There are things I'm still not ready to be ok with.  I think this my own way of dealing with relocating.  So far I haven't had any real issues.  Except that things are different. 
Different than what I'm used to.  Different than what I think it should be.  Different than what I'm comfortable with.
See, that's the thing.  I'm such a sceptic about stuff, that when something is different I immediately start to wonder if it is on the up and up, if you know what I mean.  I begin to second guess different, just because it is different.

So that's my something to think about for today.
Things that are different, and whether or not it is ok.


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