Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Midweek Update

Hello all!
I'm sorry this post wasn't up earlier, but I just didn't have much to say so I put it off till after dinner.
Not much is happening in the Bozzo household.  The kids seem to be adjusting to school just fine.  We haven't had any incidents with Michael since that first week.
This past Tuesday I attended my first women's bible study at the church we've been attending.  Needless to say I was a little "shell shocked".  What they call a bible study would be what we would have considered a conference, or retreat at my previous church.  But I've met some women and they seem nice.  The study they are doing is called "Faithful, Abundant, True" taught by Kay Arthur, Priscilla Shriver, and Beth Moore.  Not live or anything.  This is a dvd study series.  I've heard of these, but I've never actually done one.  There's a workbook with questions and additional study time worked in for each week.
I'm excited about doing something new.  Also, I like anything that has a "classroom" feel to it.  Yes, even homework.
I've done some updating on my blog to.  To the left at the very top, you will see a link that says "subscribe by email".  This is new and it is exactly what it says it is.  You can click there, put in your email address, and you can get my daily posts right in your in box.  Isn't that cool?  Well, if it really works, it will be.  I'm still not sure I set it up right, so if you do it and you have problems, let me know.  Also, I've updated the Currently Reading section.  I am currently reading the non fiction book Relationships A Mess Worth Making.  But I've added a fiction selection to, since I am currently reading both right now.  My fiction choice is "Daisy Chain" by Mary DeMuth.  I've never read anything by her before.  I've been wanting to, but the budge won't allow for any book purchases right.  So, on Monday when I was volunteering in the school library, I noticed they had it on the shelf in the High School section.  The librarian let me check it out.  Oh, and this part is really cool, they have this Accelarated Reading program at the school.  Kids read books, then take a test on the book when they finish.  For each book the read and pass the test on, they earn points which can be traded in for prizes.  So "Daisy Chain" wasn't set up to be part of the program yet because they didn't have a test for it.  The librarian asked me to read the book and then come up with 10 questions that they could use for the AR test.
Ok, it's really not that big of a deal, but it was exciting for me.
I'm going to continue with this new blog format that I've been doing.  It has been a real challenge to me to post something everyday.  Even though Friday is just for me telling you about something or someone else.  It is good for me to be disciplined about writing.
Speaking of writing.  I recently became part of a writer's critique group.  We will be submitting things we've written and then getting critiqued by the other members of the group.  I'm very excited about this.  And there was some real God work in putting my group together.  One of the women was in my small group at the conference I attended this past summer.  One women lives right here in Roanoke.  Two of them have a blog for writers and speakers that I recently "stumbled" on.  I made contact with them both by email on the first day of school when I was an emotional mess over my son.  The leader of the group works with these other two that run the writer and speaker blog.  All three of these women run an online magazine for christian women which I also "stumbled" on that same day.
Can you believe it?  God truly placed me in this group with these women for His purposes.

Ok, well I think that is enough for now.  My son wants me to watch Looney Tunes with him.  By the way, Walmart has three different dvds with the original Looney Tunes cartoons. 
Definately worth the purchase.

Thanks for stopping by!


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