Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Find

Today's Friday find is another great site that I've visit quite often during the week.  It is called She Reads and it is a side site of Proverbs 31 Ministries.  You can go to it using the button on the left side of my blog or you can click here 
This is a site that is devoted to showcasing Christian fiction and Christian authors.  They review and recommend books.  There are interviews with authors and links to their websites.  It's really wonderful if you are a reader and looking for something new to read but don't know where to go for recommendations. 
This is not your typical list of Christian fiction.  In fact when I first started checking out the site, there were only two names on the list that I was familiar with.  Francine Rivers and Marybeth Whalen (and she wasn't published yet her book was still in process then).  There wasn't one of the "popular" Christian fiction author on the list.
Now, no one is knocking the popular Christian fiction authors.  
This is a site where you will find authors and books that you might not have known about otherwise.  Books you wouldn't find through any of the regular sources we may use. Sometimes we need to stray away from regular sources to find something extraordinary.
If you are like me, and are always looking for a good read then you should visit this site once in a while.  So far I've discovered Mary DeMuth, Tosca Lee, and Nicole O'Dell.
They also have an email newsletter and every now and then there is a contest to win free books.  There are also resources for books if you want to use any of them for a book club.  And how cool is this, if you are using one of their books for a book club, they will work it out so you can speak to the author at your club meeting. (usually by speaker phone)

It's definately a site worth checking out.
I hope you enjoy it.


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  1. Thanks for highlighting She Reads! I'm also happy to be "discovered" by you! Bless you as you read.