Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Find-A book and a movie

Today instead of sending you to another great blog or website I found, I'm going to tell you about a "find" that I had over the last week.  It maybe be a stretch, but I saw a movie last weekend and I read a book last week that I just have to tell you about.
First the movie.
Last Friday night my daughter and I were home just the two of us so we rented a movie from the RedBox.  Which by the way is the greatest inovention so far when it comes to movies.  You can rent a movie for a $1!!! That's right ONE DOLLAR.
We rented "Letters to Juliet". It was FABULOUS!!!  Ok, yes, it is a girlie movie.   Yes, it is a typical boy meets girl, boy and girl don't get along, then boy and girl decide they love each other kind of story. And yes, it is very predictable.  You pretty much know what is going to happen in the end once you are about 30 minutes into the movie.  But it just doesn't matter.  It is so sweet, and heart warming.  And even at the end when they play that Taylor Swift song "Love Story" (which again is a predictable soundtrack song for this movie), I found my selft crying happy tears with my heart doing flip flops with excitement.
If you want a real feel good, girlie, romantic love story, without a whole lot of surprises, then I suggest you get yourself to the nearest RedBox and rent it.  I liked it so much that I watched it again early Saturday morning all by myself.
Now for the book.
I told you about getting the Mary DeMuth book from my kids library last week right?  If you've been reading then you know what I'm talking about.  I finished "Daisy Chain" last Sunday night and I have now moved on to the next book in the series called "A Slow Burn".  So far I really like these books.  For all my friends out there you are avid readers like myself, I don't think you have ever read any Christian fiction like this.  Besides the fact that the writing is excellent, the characters are deeper, more complext and real than any others I've come across in Christian Fiction.  I must warn you though, the subject matter may be difficult for some of you.  It was for me.  The story centers around a 13 year old girl who goes missing one day, her family, and her friend's family in a small Texas town.  Her mother is a neglectful drug addict.  Her best friend is the preacher's son and his family has an ugly secret.  There are all kinds of creepy things that happen through both books as the mystery of what happens to the young girl unfolds.  By the end of  "Daisy Chain" you know what happened, you just don't know why or who.  I hope by the time I get to the third book I know. 
As difficult as it is to read what these characters lives are about and what they are going through, I am completely drawn into the story.  I simply MUST know what happens to each of them.  Mary writes in such a way that keeps you in the story, no matter how harsh or awful the situations seem to be. Most of the time when I read a book, I can see where it is going, but with "Daisy Chain" I am at a loss.  I'm almost finished the second book in the series and for the first time I have no idea where this story is going.
I would encourage anyone who is looking for something new in Christian fiction, something not so candy coated, to read these books.  As much as I like my candy coated, happy ending type stories, it is good every now and then to break away from that and allow my mind to stretch a little into another type of story.

Well, there you go.  A great movie and a great book.  Check them out if you want to.  I liked them, maybe you will to.


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