Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Thought

First, I want to say  a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who left a comment, sent an email or posted something to my facebook page regarding my difficult day yesterday.  I am happy to report that both children had a good first day.  I have recovered.  Instead of going back to bed, I spent sometime reading my bible and reading your comments and emails.  I also prayed for each of my children each time they came to mind.
It was still a hard day.  I think there was alot of penned up emotions that came pouring out. 
But I survived and I'm moving on.

Ok so here is the Thursday Thought for this week.  I actually heard this one on a Spongebob cartoon if you can believe it.

You can put off today what can be done tomorrow, but isn't today yesterday's tomorrow?

Enjoy your day!

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