Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Final Word

Sorry this post didn't get up on Friday as I promised.  We had our first weekend guests from New Jersey this weekend and I just didnt' get around to posting.
To recap the last day of the conference.
I'm not even sure I can put it into words.  Our final keynote speaker was Karen Ehman.  You can stop by her blog at
The topic of her message was True Love.  This was a very powerful message about returning to our first "true love, Jesus.  How many of us still have the same intensity to our relationship with Jesus that we first had when we came to know him?  Now, I have to admit that I did not have that ah ha moment when I first came to believe.  It was more of a gradual process for me.  So to try to get back to the way things were when I first believed is not really an acurate way for me to look at this.  However, we all go through times and we feel stale, or just not very enthusiastic in our relationship with Jesus.  Our bible reading becomes routine.  Our service becomes drudgery.  Our prayers are empty.  It happens to the best of us.
The best thing we can do in those times is recognize it for what it is and find a way to get back.  To get back the joy.  To get back the excitement.  To get back the revereance and awe.
Karen did an excellant job of speaking on this topic.  She used stories from her own life as well as other christians we have heard of.  We laughed, we cried and we thought hard about what she was saying.
By the very end, I was convinced I needed a jump start to my relationship with Jesus.  She suggested that we right down a few things that might help us get started. 
She had us write:
1.  Then-what it was like during a time when we were on fire for Jesus.
2.  Now-what it is like now for us.
3.  Fast from-what could we fast from in an effort to spend more meaningful time with Jesus.
4.  Feast on-how an we get more God into our life.

Here is what I wrote:
1.  Then-I had a regular, steady, and constantly learning time with Jesus.  And I truly felt free.
2.  Now-Everything has become routine.  I rush through to get to other things.
3.  Fast from-any additional reading during my quiet time.
4.  Feast on-only God's word during my quiet time.  Spend as much time as necessary reading and studying God's word.

Karen has inspired me to deepen my relationship with Jesus.  I am thankful for that.  I am glad I was there to hear her speak.  She was a true blessing to me.

The conference ended not long after she spoke.  I made my way home feeling refreshed and motivated.  I have set goals for myself with my writing and in my relationship with the Lord. 
I learned more than I ever expected.


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  1. Hi Josey! I enjoyed reading how God spoke to you at She Speaks!!!