Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Same Stuff, Different View

I wake up in the morning wrapped in the quilt that we got for a great deal while on vacation in Tennessee.  It is a beautiful patchwork that makes me feel like I'm in a cabin in the mountains. 
As the sleep clears from my eyes, I see our bedroom furniture which is the very first brand new complete set of furniture that I have ever had.
I head into the bathroom to brush my teeth and take my toothbrush out of the gift basket from Bath & Body Works I reused as an organizer on my bathroom sink.  I've been using it as such for about three years.
I head downstairs.  Hmmm stairs, that's new.
When I reach the living room my son who gets up before me is laying on our hand me down sofa watching SpongeBob on our big screen TV that I almost wouldn't let me husband keep after he bought it the year the Eagles went to the Super Bowl.
In the kitchen, coffee is waiting for me in our BrewStation coffee pot that I set the night before.  It's the second one we've had of that kind.  I drink my coffee from my Tinkerbell mug at our dinning room/kitchen table that I got at a yard sale 6 years ago.  It's just a little smaller now without the leaf.  My bible is sitting on the table waiting for me where it's been many mornings before.
Everything around me is the same as it was before.  It doesn't really seem any different.
Until I open the blinds.  Then I notice that the view outside my window is different.  Gone is our front porch with the swing, large green lawn, and basketball hoop in the driveway.  Gone is the small group of trees behind our house where I would see deer and rabbits in the early morning and evening. 
In it's place is a parking lot, an apartment building, small businesses, and a YMCA. It feels like somehow our entire home has just been transplanted someplace else.
Everywhere around me looks like home.  Except the outside.
Same stuff, different view.
Although as strange as the outside looks, when I'm out there it doesn't feel strange.
That's the amazing part.
Even though the view isn't home, it feels like home.

I beginning to think when we visit our former home, that's when it will feel strange.


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