Sunday, July 4, 2010

Praising God

I know from experience the more you are in God's will, the more evil will try to turn you away from it.  And evil has no boundaries.  It is not above using the ordinary to cause discouragement.
Let me explain:

The moving company charged us about 25% more than their original estimate and was not able to fit all of our belongings onto their truck.  We have some things still in New Jersey that they will bring us next week.
The cable company has messed up our account and we lost our email address for a few hours yesterday as well as our tv channels.
I fell out my front door yesterday and now have a seriously sprained ankle.
My husband bought a new grill yesterday and had to return it because there were parts missing and he couldn't assemble it without them.
I am feeling a little overwhelmed by the size of our new home and wondering is going to be too much maintenance.

But I will not let evil destroy my joy in following God's will for my family.  I have recognized these events for what they are...sabotage.

Here is how I have counterattacked

Praise God for that moving company because on Friday evening when I went to bed my entire home was unpacked and set up.
Praise God that even though we lost our email we still had our interent connection and were able to communicate with our friends we left behind. Also the kids aren't watching much tv anyway because my in laws have come to visit for the weekend.  Also, praise God that the YMCA across the street let us have a "free pass" yesterday and the kids went swimming.
Praise God that even though I am not very mobile because of my sprained ankle, my children are not babies and do not need me as much.
Praise God for our new home that is larger than our previous home.  We have room for our friends and family to visit which will enable to keep in contact with everyone.  Also this larger home has many amenities: large pantry in the kitchen, laundry room on the main floor, large closets, a family room that we didnt' have before, and this morning I peeled potatoes for potato salad and the skins went down the drain into a garbage disposal!!!!
Praise God that we can afford a new grill and many other luxaries that some people do not have.

I will not let evil discourage me.
I may have to take the good with the bad, but I don't have to let it take over.

Praise God!


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