Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm still reading my bible everyday. 
Ok, some of you might be thinking well yes, that's what we are supposed to do.  Why is that the leading line of this post?
Well for anyone who hasn't been following or maybe you just don't remember, back in January I made it a resolution to try to get into a daily reading habit.  Over the years I haven't always been as consistent as I would like with reading my bible everyday. This year I was going to try to change that.
Well, here it is July 12th and I am still reading everyday.  AND I'm reading one chapter from the new and one chapter from the old testaments each day.  I started out just reading an old testament chapter.  But I found myself wanting more when I was reading so I started jumping to the new testament to. 
Now, I haven't been dead on consistent.  There have been times when I've missed a day, or two, or maybe even three.   Especially with moving.
However, when that has happened I have set aside more time as soon as possible to catch up.
I've also added an additional book to my "quiet" time.  Not a book of the bible, an actual book.  There were several good books that our pastor had recommended and I managed to pick up a few.  And recently someone gave us as a going away present "Disciplines of a Godly Family" which I have added to my quiet time.  Although I don't always do it right after reading my bible, I usually read it later.
I am very glad that I have been able to keep this up since the beginning of the year.  One thing I've noticed is that there is always time.  Whether it is in the morning, afternoon or evening.  There is always time to read God's word. That was always my biggest excuse, that I didn't have time. If you are committed to doing it, the time will be there.
I always knew that it was something I should be doing.  I knew lots of people who did it.  I just didn't think it was all that important.  I have a devotion thingy, so that should be enough right?
No, it's not.  One thing I learned by doing this is nothing can ever be the same as reading God's word daily.
I would encourage anyone who is struggling with this to become committed to doing it.  For me it was about finding the right time.  In the beginning I wasn't always reading God's word in the morning.  When I started I was reading it at night, before I went to bed.   And like I said earlier, I wasn't doing two chapters, I was only reading one.  And if I missed a day, that meant I had to sacrifice something to make the time to catch up; like American Idol (yes, I'll admit I watch it), or sleeping in, then there's that pesky problem of having a pile of other books I'd like to read to, oh and moving, I could have easily given up during that time. 
But my bible reading comes first.
Don't forget we serve an amazing God.  So even though we moved and my in laws were here visiting, there was still time.  Then my kids went to Tennessee with them and have been gone for a week, so that always leaves plenty of time.
It's been so worth it to.  I have gotten so much out of what I've been reading.  God has been showing me things and speaking to me and giving me his wisdom everyday.
So here's my soap box advice for today.
Get yourself a  reading chedule.
Find the time.
Start slow within your own time frame.
Read your bible everyday.

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