Monday, July 19, 2010

Family Fun

It's a typical Monday here at the Bozzo household.
Same thing, different location.
Not alot happening, just trying to play catch up from the weekend.
One thing I'm hoping for with this move is that it will bring us closer as a family.  Afterall, we're all we've got right now.  Well, it is alot easier than it sounds.  We thought we plan to do some fun family stuff on the weekends while we have time this summer.  There is so much to see and do around here.
Saturday we spent the day at Smith Mountain Lake.  It's "the" spot to go to around here for swimming, fishing, hiking, boating, etc.  We managed to get the lines in the water a few times, before the sky opened up and poured on us. So we ate our picnic lunch in the car and watched it rain for about an hour.  My son did manage to catch a very small fish before it rained. We fished again after the rain stopped, then headed over to the beach for a swim.  Funny thing though, after it rained, it wasn't so hot anymore.  The idea of swimming was so appealing.  Surprisingly the lake water was warm.  But low and behold my daughter, who is 13 by the way, didn't want to go in the water.  Now my son, who has just become a big fan of the water this year, didn't care if the temparature had dropped, he wanted to swim.  We had a minor battle there and in the end, mommy went in the water with him.  He didn't stay in long.  Then they were both bored and wanted to go home.
So much for a fun family day.
Another thing that I was hoping would help bring us closer together is family meal time.  The way our new home is set up, we have an eat in kitchen and no dinning room.  We have no choice but to sit together and eat dinner.  The kids can't see the tv from the table either.  Now I'll admit the first time we sat together for dinner it was a little awkward.  The kids ate really fast and jumped up from the table ready to go back to tv watching.  But tonight seemed a little better.  We actually talked, a little.  And everyone didn't bug out after and leave me to do the cleaning.
After dinner we decided to take a walk as a family.  This one was another hit or miss event.  Our neighborhood has plenty of sidewalks, but many of them go up hill.  There was some complaining, and alot of huffing and puffing.  The later, was me. Hehe  Anyway, we cut it shorter than we would have liked, but overall not bad.
Next we are going to head over to the YMCA for some swim time.  My daughter is already voicing her complaints about this one as I write this.
We'll see I guess.
Baby steps.
Who knows?  Eventually we might just have a fun family moment.


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