Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Answered Questions

Ok so I told you all that I'm going to the She Speaks Writers and Speakers Conference in July. 
Well this week I got up the nerve to send some of the stuff I had written to my friend and pastor at our church to get his feedback on it. I sent him the posts that I wrote here with the movie quotes. 
He liked them, and he thought they were "interesting".  He gave me some editing advice as well as some feedback on how to improve them and turn them into devotions.
So after that I started thinking about the conference and how I could make the most of it.  I was wondering if anyone there would have a few minutes to chat with me about some of my ideas.  I'd really like to know if I'm writing anything worthwhile. 
Basically, is my stuff any good?
I decided to email the conference organizers and ask if this would be possible.  I know they are all very busy, but most of them have been published so it might be good to get their perspective.  It was a long shot.
I received an email saying that it would be possible and that they are scheduling a meeting with Cecil Murphey!!!
Can you believe it?
I didn't know who he was until a few months ago.  He has a website about himself and a blog for writers.  You can find him here or here
I am so nervous about this.  This is big.  Really big.  At least for me anyway. 
It is very informal, just a "chat".  But I'll be able to ask him if my ideas are any good and he may even read a sample of what I've written and give me his opinion. 
I can also ask him any questions I may have about writing and publishing.
I wasn't even going to send the email.  I thought it was asking too much.

And now look what has come of it.

Oh and I spent about an hour today at the computer writing.

Big steps.
Especially for me.


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