Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The Bozzo family is moving!
(Oh and just in case you didn't know our last name is pronounced Bah zo with an ah sound.  It is not Bo zo like the clown.)
But yes, we are moving.  About a year ago we visited the Lynchburg Virginia area and my husband decided he liked it enough for us to consider relocating.  He let the higher ups at Pepsi know he would be interested in transfering if anything ever came up.  Well, a few weeks ago, the company did some reorganizing and, well, it came up.  So in a short time we will be relocating. 
This weekend we are going down just the two of us to look at places to live.  If my husband has his way, we will find something by the time we come home on Sunday.  He is just so eager.
I still can't believe it.  I knew it was a possibility. I just don't know if I ever thought it would really happen.  The truth is, I've always wanted to leave New Jersey.  And for the record, I say Jer zey not Joi sey.  That would be northern new jersey residents who pronounce it that way.  Those of us in the southern part, speak normally. 
For as long as I can remember, every time I went on vacation I wanted to move there.  Every new place I visited, was someplace I wanted to live.  Somehow, I always thought I would leave New Jersey.  I don't know where it came from. 
Maybe when you live in the same place all of your life you always have a desire to live somewhere else?
Maybe it's just me.
Or maybe the desire has always been there because God was preparing me.
Who knows?

Anyway, we are moving. 
My husband has already started packing. 
My daughter is in mourning.  My son isn't quite sure if we are taking all of his things with us. (he doesn't remember the last time we moved so he doesn't understand what moving is all about)

And me, I am struggling with a host of emotions combined with a long list of things to do before we leave.



  1. Life is filled with transitions, my dear friend. You are embarking on a new adventure, and, although I am sad, I am so excited for you! And so very thankful we have a Savior who knows the deepest desires of our hearts. I love seeing Him answer prayers in such a way that is so much greater than we even thought possible. And, who knows, you could be actually starting the "exodus" from New Jersey to Lynchburg!! Now wouldn't that be an adventure! Love you!