Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Book Review x 2

I've been slacking a little with my book reviews so I want to bring you up to date.
"One Tuesday Morning" & "Beyond Tuesday Morning" by Karen Kingsbury
Ok, this is a book set that my friend gave me because I never read them.  I had the book for a long time before I picked up and honestly I only started reading it because I thought I should since she loaned them to me.  For some reason I really wasn't all that excited about reading them.  Probably because I knew at some point it would be heart breaking.  Now, I'm used to crying when I read books.  I do it all the time, especially when I read Kingsbury. This time, I guess I just wasn't in the mood, so I waited till I felt guilty before I picked it up.
Overall it was a good read.  I don't think I've ever really felt any of Karen's books were "disappointing".  Some of her books have not been what I would consider a favorite.  I've would even go so far as to say some of them were a little draggy, slow, and just not enjoyable.  However, I still love Karen Kingsbury please don't get me wrong.  I'm not criticizing her or her books.  This is just my opinion and everyone is entitled to it.  As a reader I prefer honest opinions about a book, then I go from there.
Anyway,  these two stories were heart breaking, and even a little predicable.  I knew what the "twist" was within the first few chapters of both books.  I wasn't surprised at all.  Maybe Karen wasn't expecting anyone to be, if that's the case then she did what she wanted.  But I've said this before, knowing the plot twist, or even the ending of a story doesn't ruin it for me.  I peek at endings all the time when I'm reading.  For me it makes me less anxious about the characters and what is going to happen and I am able to read at a more enjoyable pace.  Also, if I get too wrapped up in a story then I can't put it down and nothing gets done around my house.  If I know what is going to happen, I can relax a little.
Bottom line:  Both stories were a good read, although predictable.  Anyone who was around during September 11th or if you are a Kingsbury fan, you'll like reading these two stories.
Ok, next book.
"Worldliness"  Resisting the Seduction of a Fallen World.  Chapters written by Craig Cabaniss, Bob Kauflin, Dave Harvey, and Jeff Purswell.  Edited by CJ Mahaney and Forword by John Piper
This book was recommended to me by my pastor.  Actually he is recommending it to everyone in our church, not just me.  This is a non fiction book, of course.  I enjoyed this book.  It was very insightfull.  It didn't just talk about what worldliness is, it also gives practical advice for how to live in the world without being of the world.  The chapter on modesty was especially insightful.  As a mom, I would suggest anyone who has teenagers to pay close attention to that chapter.  And as a wife, I would suggest women also pay attention.  I had some trouble with the last chapter though. It was called "Loving the World" I didn't have trouble with what they were saying, I totally agree with every biblical aspect they discussed.  It was more of a wording thing for me.  I found my self having to reread alot and it took a long time to get through that chapter.  I also expected more practical advice and I didn't seem to pick up on any like the previous chapters. 
Bottome Line.  Worth reading and spending time reflecting on.  Every believing household should read it.

Ok those are the three books I've read in the last few weeks.  I am now reading "Summer on Blossom Street"  I have been reading the Blossom Street books by Debbie Macomber for a while now.  My good friend Lorraine has invited me to go to a book signing next week with Debbie Macomber.  So I'm trying to get up to date.  There are three books from the series I haven't read,  The signing is a week from today. 

I read fast but...
That's pushing it even for me.

I've also got some big news coming again.  I can't write about it just yet, because I don't have all the details and my good good friends don't know yet so I need to tell them first.  Check back by the end of the week for details.


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